Bonum and Tvenge’s big project in Oslo is now fodder for politicians

Bonum and Tvenge’s big project in Oslo is now fodder for politicians
Bonum and Tvenge’s big project in Oslo is now fodder for politicians

DISAGREE: The developers and PBE disagree about this project.
Sketch: Bonum

The project with 262 apartments and 3,000 square meters of commercial space has been sent for political consideration.

As Estate Nyheter has previously written, Torstein Tvenge’s company Fram Eiendomsinvest and Bonum entered into a partnership in 2019 on the development of the properties Økern torgvei 1 and Økernveien 148-150. The project, which is located 175 meters north of the high-rise block on Økwern, plans to build blocks of brick facing the streets, and timber-clad blockhouses facing the green area at the back.

The proposal, which contains 262 new homes and 3,000 square meters of commercial space, has, after just over four years of processing at PBE, now been sent to the town hall for political consideration, according to a press release.

The plan itself has not changed since the project was subject to public inspection, but according to the report, the developers have carried out several adaptations to accommodate guidelines from PBE, and ensure seamless transitions towards other development projects.

CONDENSATION: These two properties are to be developed into housing.
Photo: Glen Widing

– We have had a good dialogue with Økern centre, and in consultation with PBE found a solution for the road system that works for all parties, says Bonum’s project manager Bjørn Wikan.

More nature and a larger square

The adjusted proposal preserves far more trees, extended square and outdoor area in front of the commercial development, and ensures a larger commercial area dedicated to cultural purposes and indoor sports. The point houses are moved and reduced in height.

But the Planning and Building Agency is not completely satisfied, and has therefore put forward a separate alternative for political consideration. However, according to Bonum, the difference between the alternatives is not significant, and is linked to the distribution of apartments, preservation of three trees and building heights towards the burial mound and Økernparken.

– The differences were initially far greater, but we have had a good process recently in finding solutions. We are not surprised that there is an alternative proposal, but perceive it as unnecessary. Our proposal is in line with overall guidelines, Wikan points out.

If PBE’s proposal is adopted, this means that the number of apartments will be reduced by at least 15 per cent. Managing director Anders Bakken Eriksen at Bonum believes it is important that the number of homes in the proposal is maintained.

– We are in a situation with very low housing construction and are steering towards a housing shortage in Oslo in the relatively near future. In order to ensure housing supply, we must be proactive in terms of what we can achieve in the individual project. In this case, we secure a significant number of apartments in one of the few areas in Oslo where it is possible to build more. If we are to develop Hovinbyen in line with our ambitions, we must ensure a sufficient volume of new housing, Bakken points out.

The 4 giants are cutting 200 homes in the joint project on Økern

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