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County council representative Solveig Vik writes in a reader’s post in Haugesund’s Avis on 13 May about “thugs” in the debate about free ferries. If I had lived in Røvær or Feøy, I would have had no doubts as to who here was “rowdy”.

How on earth can you, as a Haugesund, sit in the county council and discriminate against those who live in Røvær and Feøy, while those who live in Utsira should have everything for free?

You write in your post: “what was intended as a handshake to the rural areas, island communities without a mainland connection, instead turned into a big debate about who was the bully.” If Solveig Vik has not been to Røvær before, I can remind her that it costs NOK 73 one way between Haugesund and Røvær.

Why don’t you fight for everyone living in isolation to get free transport? Instead, you tell how great it is that people who don’t live in Utsira can take large motorhomes on the ferry and travel back and forth for free.

If society at large wants to give a hand to those who live in places without a mainland connection, there should be free boat connections for those who live there – not those who want to visit the place. When things become free, it is easy for abuse to occur. In some of the places where there is or has been a free ferry, it has happened that permanent residents were left on the quay, as the ferry was full with both Norwegian and foreign motorhomes.

If the government wants to support isolated island communities, this should apply to everyone who lives on islands without a mainland connection – including those who live on Røvær and Feøy. We who do not live on isolated islands can afford to pay for ourselves.

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