Prince Sverre Magnus, 17 May


According to tradition, the royal family will greet the Norwegian people on National Day on 17 May.

However, this year’s celebration will be somewhat different than the royal family is used to, as one of the family members will be missing from the programme. Because while Prince Sverre Magnus (18) has previously waved to the people together with his family, this year he will not be seen at Skaugum or the Palace Balcony on 17 May.

Se og Hør mentioned the case first.

The royal house’s official program states that Crown Prince Haakon (50), Crown Princess Mette-Marit (50) and Princess Ingrid Alexandra (20) will greet the children’s train outside Skaugum, and that the royal couple, the crown prince’s couple and the princess will greet the children’s train in Oslo from the Palace Balcony from . 10.30 am.

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Prince Sverre Magnus will therefore not celebrate with his family, probably because he is Russian and will celebrate with friends.

– A clear distinction

Nettavisen’s royal house expert, Tove Taalesen, believes it is only natural that the prince celebrates like many others his age.

– Of course, the royals must also prioritize friends and Russian time, she says.

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At the same time, Taalesen adds that the prince’s absence marks a new era in the royal family.

– It is a mark of a clear division where they have stood on the Palace Balcony every year, until they suddenly enter a different role and a different age group, believes the royal house expert.

Taalesen is excited about whether this is the start of a new tradition where Sverre Magnus will not necessarily become a natural feature in the programme. Because after the Russian era, possibly the Armed Forces and other studies will follow – perhaps abroad, and it is likely that other things could get in the way of the 18-year-old in the coming year.

– It will be exciting to see if he comes back at all, she says.

– All natural

Last year it was Princess Ingrid Alexandra who was absent from the royal celebration due to Russian time.

This year she is returning, despite ongoing initial service in the Skjold Brigade. According to Taalesen, it is only natural that the princess has been given a perm to celebrate with the royal family – as she is, after all, a hereditary princess and will one day become queen.

– It is probably not that common for all conscripts to receive a perm by 17 May, but she is no ordinary soldier. She is my crown princess. So I think it’s only natural that she should stand together with her family. It is a symbolic act.

– It shows that they are a strong royal family for three generations, says the royal house expert.

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