“Blood rain” in Eastern Norway


On Saturday, the Meteorological Institute stated that a strong southerly wind has blown up dust over the Sahara, and is carrying it north towards Europe.


For parts of the Nordic region, there is a possibility that this dust will mix in the clouds and produce red rain, informs

The phenomenon has a morbid name, namely “blood rain”.

Several Norwegians are now reporting that the red rain has fallen over parts of Eastern Norway, covering cars, boats and homes, writes VG.

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– Most terrifying in my life

– Must wash again

On Saturday, the car of Dan Ove Brest from Rakkestad was clean and tidy.

On Sunday morning, it was suddenly covered in sand from thousands of kilometers away.

– I woke up this morning, and then my car was covered in red sand, Brest tells Dagbladet.

He says he had read about the sand rain in the media, and quickly realized that it was “rain of blood”.

– But I have to wash the car again then! It was only a week ago or something like that, but, but, that’s just the way it is, chuckles Brest.

COVERED: – This is what my car looked like today, writes Werner Gundersen from Skien, to Dagbladet. Photo: Werner Gundersen
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– The snow can turn red

The African sand can also cause the snow to turn red, meteorologist Leonidas Tsopouridis tells Dagbladet.

– It may also be that it will lead to colored snow in some places, especially in Eastern Norway. There will probably be even more blood rain and blood snow in Denmark and Sweden, he says.

He explains that, despite the creepy name, the rain of blood is a fairly common phenomenon, and nothing to worry about.

– It is something that happens regularly, but not so often in Norway. It is a result of weather and wind.

He says that the weather phenomenon will probably subside during the day.

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