Mathias: – I thought that now I will fall on the rocks and die

AT THE HOSPITAL: Mathias Magnus Wulfsberg (9) after the dramatic ski trip. Photo: Private

The nine-year-old was stuck on a cliff for over an hour while he waited for help.


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– I thought that now I will fall on the rocks and die.

Mathias Magnus Wulfsberg (9) was in the hospital bed at the University Hospital of Northern Norway when he spoke to Folkebladet on the phone on Thursday. His mother Ingvild Wulfsberg was with him.

– Afterwards, I will have an operation and have two pins inserted into my foot, he says.

Two broken bones in one ankle are the only physical result after the accident on Wednesday.

Both Mathias and mum are aware that he has had angelic guardianship. They boast happily that it went as well as it actually did when the accident first happened.

Slide off the edge

The whole school went on a ski trip to a gap hut by Raven’s Nest in Trollvika. Mathias had come up and was sitting talking to some friends when they discovered a scythe.

– I went over to the edge to examine the blade. I thought it was packed snow and that my foot would go through the snow, but there was a crowd and I slipped off the edge.

Mathias is well known in the area and knew very well that there were many sharp stones at the bottom of the cliff. As he raced off the edge he thought his last hour had come.

But Mathias was lucky in the accident and stopped against a bush. He discovered that he had a terrible pain in his leg.

– I’m not quite sure what happened, whether I hit a rock on the way down or whether I twisted my foot, he says.

– Fainted

Because it was so steep, it was difficult for the teachers to get there.

– I think I passed out a bit while I was lying on the bush, because it hurt so much, says Mathias.

– Below me it was straight down. I was very tired and scared, he continues.

– There was a vertical drop below him of five to ten metres, adds mum.

It was Mathias’ friends who notified the teachers about what had happened. A teacher placed himself on the ground below him, and some teachers above. Then another teacher managed to get down to him.

– I was very cold. It was very nice that the teacher managed to get down to me, then I was able to borrow a woolen jumper, jacket and gloves, says Mathias.

RESCUE ACTION: Rescue crews are in the process of rescuing Mathias. Photo: Jøran Johansen

Eventually, rescue teams also arrived.

– First there was a fireman called Joakim and then there was a rescuer called Alvin Fyhn. The rescuer had a stretcher with him that I had to lie on. They tied me down and then they dragged me up the slope on the stretcher, says Mathias.


Mathias was taken into the shelter and examined by a doctor, before he was taken away by a helicopter.

– They wrapped me up well and then I got some painkillers in my nose, says Mathias.

The helicopter also visited the school to pick up the mother.

– My mother and I had hearing protection with a radio inside the helicopter. The first thing I said to my mother was that I was going to tell her what had happened when we arrived in Tromsø.


The nine-year-old tells in detail about what happened. He understands that he has been lucky, after all.

– The teachers told me I was Trollvika’s toughest boy, and the lifeguard said I was tougher than Spider Man, he says proudly.

Mom agrees. She thinks the waiting time while the rescue operation was going on was long.

– The worst was the time before you found out that everything was going well with him, apart from the injuries to his leg then, she says.

She brags about the help they got.

– We were very well looked after by those who were there. Both the school, fire brigade and rescue teams have been absolutely superb in everything they have done for him.

She is glad it went as well as it did.

– We understand that he has been incredibly lucky that he stopped at that bush. We are infinitely happy about that, she says.


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Updated: 22.03.24 at 22:08

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