Looking for a helicopter outside Bergen

Looking for a helicopter outside Bergen
Looking for a helicopter outside Bergen

It must be a commercial helicopter.

Photo: Eirik Brekke
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Less than 2 hours ago

There were six people in the helicopter, and the last person is expected to be hoisted up by a rescue helicopter from Florø within a short time.

The extent of their damage is unknown, the main rescue center reports on X at 21.04.

The five who have been hoisted up are flown to Haukeland University Hospital by SAR Queen from Sola.

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Helicopter on the way to Haukeland.
Helicopter on the way to Haukeland. Photo: Marita Aarekol

The main rescue center (HRS) first confirmed to NRK that they were looking for a helicopter outside Bergen. The helicopter must have triggered an emergency signal.

They have not made contact with the helicopter.

– We have received an emergency message from a helicopter west of Bergen, and we obtain per now no contact with the helicopter. The rescue helicopter from Sola is in the area and searching, reports HRS on X.

– We have SAR Queen in the area. They are observing personnel in the sea and have started hoisting, writes HRS at 20.41.

Yellow alert at Haukeland

Haukeland University Hospital has set a yellow alert, reports TV 2.

– This means that we are calling in extra crews and enabling the hospital to receive any injured people, says communications director Erik Vigander at Helse Bergen to BT.

The hospital also sets emergency management. This is done in collaboration with Haraldsplass Diakonale hospital.

– We have joint emergency management, says Vigander.

– How many extra crews do you call in?

– It is a fairly large call in the form of, among other things, trauma teams and emergency preparedness. I don’t know exactly how many now, I’m on my way to the emergency management meeting, says Vigander in the 21st hour.

Police: Coordinated by HRS

The police write that at 20.11 they received a report about a helicopter that had probably crashed into the sea, west of Sotra.

– It has now been confirmed that there has been an aviation accident at sea. The event is coordinated by HRS. It is HRS that will make a statement to the media regarding the incident, says operations manager Tatjana Knappen in the West police district.

The armed forces participate

HRS reports that they are staffing up as a result of the situation.

The air force is also in the area, Flightradar shows.

– The Coast Guard ship KV Sortland is also participating in the action, says spokesperson at the Norwegian Armed Forces’ operational headquarters, Jonny Karlsen to BT.

The lifeboat “Kristian Gerhard Jebsen II” is on its way to assist in the search.

Large crews from the healthcare system and the police have taken up positions in Skålevik.
Large crews from the healthcare system and the police have taken up positions in Skålevik. Photo: BT tips

Belongs to Bristow

According to Stavanger Aftenblad, it is a helicopter from Bristow that is missing.

The head of Bristow Norway, Heidi Wullf Heimark, tells the newspaper that the helicopter belongs to them. The helicopter did not take off from Sola.

Bristow states on its website that it is the world’s leading supplier of helicopter transport to energy customers, search and rescue (SAR) and air support solutions to authorities and civil organisations.


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