Preliminary rounds of the National Archery Convention indoors

Preliminary rounds of the National Archery Convention indoors
Preliminary rounds of the National Archery Convention indoors

These, as well as three more shooters, from Søgne shooting team are going to the Landsskytterstevnet indoor in Stjørdal this weekend: Back from left: Peter Sørli, Harald Englund, Johan Nygård, Benjamin Langenes Nyhaven, Mette Elisabeth Finnestad and Tor Harald Lund. Front from left: Tor Vetle Hanserud, Arnfinn Bakkevoll, Inger Marie Bringedal (with daughter), Magne Lorentzen and Daniel Olsen.
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On Saturday, 14 shooters from the Søgne shooting team were in action during the preliminary round of the 2024 Indoor National Shooting Competition, which starts in Stjørdal.

Before the final shooting on Sunday, it is mother and daughter Mette Elisabeth Finnestad and Caroline Finnestad Lund who, of the local shooters, have placed themselves near the top of the results lists with 247 points out of a possible 250.

One shooter tops after the preliminary round with 249 points ahead of three shooters with 248. In fifth place follows Caroline Finnestad Lund with 247 points and 14 inside hits, and just behind we find Mette Finnestad with 247 and 10 inside hits.

Peter Sørli follows a little behind with 245/9, while Alexander Teisrud and Benjamin Langnes Nyhagen both have 244/9 and Arnfinn Bakkevoll close behind with 244/8. Tor Harald Lund is a long way down the results list with 243/10, and Andreas Finnestad Lund with 236 points and Kirsten Sørli with 225/2.

In class V55 Johan Sørli has shot to 243/4, and in class V65 the result is 248/9 for Magne Lorentzen and 241/5 for Jon Olav Jåtun. Harald Englund in class V73 has shot 247/10, while fourth-grader Inger Marie Bringsdal has shot 238 points with 3 inside hits.

Finals and team shooting must be done during Sunday.


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