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Mamma Helene Rangnes together with Ingrid Andrea (5 months)

– This is very cozy and nice. We were here with my older sister too when she was little. She loves to bathe today, so you can make up for this, says mum Helene Rangnes, whom we meet at Bybadet with her Ingrid Andrea (5 months).

– Isn’t that right, says a lady who passes me on the edge where I’m sitting with the writing pad to observe what’s happening. She sees and hears the same as me. The sound of happy little trolls splashing and chatting in the road. Without words, of course, because they haven’t come this far. But there’s no mistaking the cuddly sounds. This is both fun and exciting.

On the course, you learn many exercises that make the child safe in water, but also train balance and coordination.

Safety in water

-We have courses on both Tuesdays and Thursdays and the course lasts eight times before you possibly move on to the next level, says instructor Eline Lyngvær Næsje, who is on her way around the pool to find the box of toys.

– This is about getting used to water. We create safety in water through play, exercises and diving. The latter only happens when both the baby and parent are ready, and is completely natural, she explains. – Yes, we have some joint activities, so everyone also gets help individually along the way, and we enjoy ourselves, she says.

– This is a great way to spend time together, says dad Gjermund Kvernmo Langseth, who has Astrid (8 months).

In the pool, there are also several couples and dads, who use the hatch, the papa perm and the baby swimming for activity together with the little one.

– The mother took the first course, and now I have a papa perm, so then it was natural that I continued, says Gjermund Kvernmo Langseth, who enjoys himself together with Astrid (8 months).

– She is very fond of bathing, and she knows exactly what is going to happen when we walk in the door here at Bybadet, he says.

She splashes in the way, and he follows.

– It’s a really nice way to be together, it’s also really fun to see how quickly you get results. It goes extremely fast, he says before they disappear into the game again.

Did you become curious and want to read more, or maybe join in? See Bybadet’s website!

– It’s great fun. She is getting better and better. At the start, she got a little tired towards the end, but now she perseveres, says mum Karolina Griciute about Pernille (4 months).
Small bath toys take a well-deserved rest on the edge after today’s session. Not just to be hunted for a whole morning!
Instructor Eline guides along the way.
Gjermund and Astrid are taking part in course number two and here we are moving forward!
Warm morning atmosphere inside Bybadet.

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