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– A foreign driver did not stop for a notified check. We had to catch up with the wagon train, says Frode Simensen in Uthe tea control section of the Norwegian Public Roads Administration.

The driver was cited for not stopping until the notified control.

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration reports that the Outdoor Control Section in Vest-Finnmark carried out traffic controls aimed at heavy vehicles on the E6 at the Kvenvikmoen control station in Alta this week.

In the western county, the controls were carried out at E45 and E6 in Alta and E6 at Lakselv.

– We have also checked the brakes on heavy vehicles, where one vehicle had a fault with the brakes for which a check note was issued, we have also written check notes on lights and visibility.

When drivers are issued an inspection slip, all faults and deficiencies must be corrected as soon as possible and the vehicle must be approved no later than the end of the inspection period that is given.

Two charges were issued for bad tires on heavy vehicles.

In October 2023, nine vehicles were banned from driving after a traffic control at Kvenvikmoen in Alta municipality.

Drivers had not rested enough

Controls of driving and rest time were also carried out, and during the control several breaches of the regulations were discovered.

– One foreign driver had such serious violations that it was reported to the police. The driver did not have sufficient weekly rest.

A van was deregistered due to a lack of EU control.

A ban on use was given for various defects, the defects consisted of: cargo securing, visibility and runoff from fish transport.

During the inspection in Alta, the Swedish Road Administration came across trailers that had runoff from fish.

Photo: Norwegian Road Administration

Drove on the wrong side of the road

Inspections were carried out by the Outdoor Section of the National Road Administration in Eastern Finnmark in week 5. The inspections were carried out at Kirkenes traffic station and Tana bridge checkpoint.

Tor Steinar Wikan in the Norwegian Public Roads Administration states that one driver was reported to the police for dangerous driving behaviour. The person mostly drove on the left side of the road.

– It’s not quite according to the road safety book, says Wikan to iFinnmark.

He told iFinnmark that they contacted the police and got permission to stop the car.

– He wondered why he was stopped, and expressed that he did not understand what the problem was.

In January was a Finnish taxi was stopped for not having a permit to drive in Norway.

On their way to the inspection, the inspectors from the National Road Administration accidentally ended up behind this car in Eastern Finnmark.

Photo: Norwegian Road Administration

Incorrect use of light

There was a driver who was banned from driving for driving with 200 kilograms of overload on the trailer.

A moped car with dirty windows was banned from driving, so did an ATV driver who only drove with parking lights.

– Driving with parking lights is not enough to drive safely. Even if some mopeds, ATVs and UTVs go slowly, they must have low beam or driving lights when driving, even where there are street lights. It is important to be seen in traffic, Wikan states in the report after the inspection in Eastern Finnmark.

Had to buy new cargo straps

One lorry had insufficient securing of the load. The driver was banned from driving until he could buy new load tops and secure the load properly.

In September of 2023 fif a driver is charged an overload fee of NOK 88,250 in Eastern Finnmark.

One driver was missing a light, and was not allowed to drive on until the light bulb had been changed.

During the check at the checkpoint in Tana, a driver received a warning for a violation of driving and rest time.

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