Want a free bus in all big cities

Want a free bus in all big cities
Want a free bus in all big cities

The former party leader of the toll fee opponents, Frode Myrhol, won approval from Labor to continue investing in free public transport.

Frode Myrhol, best known from the People’s Party, made his debut on Saturday at the annual meeting of his new party team, Stavanger Ap. he Photo: Jarle Aasland
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Myrhol proposed at the annual meeting of Stavanger Ap that the state should be asked to earmark transport assets in the framework grant to the county municipalities. In this way, they should be able to offer free public transport in the country’s metropolitan regions. The proposal applies to regions with more than 150,000 inhabitants, which also includes Nord-Jæren.

– The state regularly contributes two-thirds to three-quarters of subsidizing the public transport service already, and an offer of free public transport in metropolitan regions where the Storting has adopted zero growth in car traffic will show that there is a desire to add
right to achieve this, says Myrhol. He was also a strong advocate for free public transport in Stavanger in the last period.

He has expressed several times that getting more people to choose the bus will put an effective stop to the introduction of a rush hour charge in Nord-Jæren.

– The trial project in Stavanger shows that you will get a massive increase in the number of passengers who travel by public transport if the offer is free, claimed Myrhol at the annual meeting.

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The board of the party team had originally insisted that the proposal should not be treated as a matter of fact, but simply passed on with a nod, a smile and good intentions.

However, Myrhol took the floor and thought this was too soon.

– The free bus has been a success. Fewer people drove cars. Several drove the bus. People with poor means gained better mobility. In addition to the climate benefit, this was a social measure. We have shown action and should continue to lead the way. The annual meeting must stand behind that, said Myrhol.

And so it was. The board turned around, put the proposal up for a vote, and it was unanimously sent over to the Labor Party’s parliamentary group.


Published: February 3, 2024 8:38 p.m

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