Set hill record – Forfang secured Norway’s first jump victory of the season

Set hill record – Forfang secured Norway’s first jump victory of the season
Set hill record – Forfang secured Norway’s first jump victory of the season

It was Forfang’s first World Cup triumph since he won in Russian Nizhny Tagil in December 2018. In addition, he secured Norway’s first showjumping victory at the top level this season.

Officially, no one has jumped further down the HS147 facility in Willingen than Forfang’s 155.5 meters in the final round.

– It feels completely sick. It’s been a hell of a long road here with a lot of downs. There are a lot of emotions coming at once now, Forfang told Viaplay after the feat.

Tromsøværing gained 144 meters in the first half and was only one point behind Finnish leader Antti Aalto.

In the final round, Forfang hit the ground record. It gave a superior victory ahead of Japan’s Ryoyu Kobayashi, who was beaten by a whopping 31 points.

– There have been many difficult years where ski jumping has only felt like stress and a burden. It has not only been fun, but I have always wanted to succeed again, said Forfang and continued:

– It has been a lot of hard work. I have not always had faith that it would succeed again.

Two Norwegians on the podium

Kristoffer Eriksen Sundal took 3rd place after landing at 138 and 150 metres.

– It was absolutely sick. It pumps quite well when you are inclined to do it well. It was a very fat ski jump. It is indescribably great, says Sundal to Viaplay.

– A sick jump by Johann, who parks the rest with a new hill record and the whole package, he added.

On Friday, Forfang also delivered a cannon jump in the qualification and touched the ground record of 153 metres. The next day he improved it.


Marius Lindvik and Benjamin Østvold disappointed greatly in the first round, but delivered two good final runs and eventually finished as number 11 and 13.

Robin Pedersen failed to progress from the first round when he landed at 116 metres.

Halvor Egner Granerud has taken a competitive break after he was unable to jump in the ski flying WC last weekend as a result of problems with the jumping suit.

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