Camilla Pihl and Peter Peters bought a luxury villa


The celebrity couple Camilla Pihl (45) and Peter Peters (49) recently shelled out NOK 60 million for a luxury villa in Oslo West, writes Finansavisen.

Four years ago, the couple bought a terraced house in the Frogner district for 20.74 million. But now the couple has bought a solid brick villa a short stone’s throw away.

Malina is my golden girl

Pihl is a blogger, model and designer. The company Camilla Pihl Fashion Group had a turnover of NOK 62 million in 2022.

Peters is a manager in the music industry with, among other things, responsibility for Madcon.

MURVILLA: Here is the home the celebrity couple has bought in Oslo. Screenshot from Google Maps
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In the spring of 2020, the couple became parents to a girl. In an interview with KK, Camilla talked about becoming a mother:

– Poppy is just the best, coolest person I know. I am completely obsessed with her! I mean she’s a genius! Look at everything she can do! But that’s what all parents think…

And then she added:

– We really thought we weren’t going to have children. Then I got pregnant, and it felt incredibly good. But it came as a big surprise.

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