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– With a little movement it could tip over


A woman and four children emerged physically unharmed from the dramatic rollover.

It was at 09.28 that the police received a report about the car being pulled out on Hyevegen in Gloppen. Photo: GLOPPEN FIRE AND RESCUE

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Published: 02/03/2024 15:24

(Bergens Tidende) – Fortunately, they had found out that it was best to lie still in the car and wait until help came, says Arne Rundekleiv Holme, emergency manager for the fire service in Gloppen, to BT.

He and his colleagues moved out to Hestenesøyra in Gloppen on Saturday morning. On Hyevegen, just outside the Eikenes tunnel, there had been an accident.

The car with a driver and four children on board had driven off the road. The car was partially on its side.

– There was a bit of drama. The car was in a challenging position with a view to falling further outside the slope and into the fjord, said operations manager Dan Erik Johannessen in the West police district to BT on Saturday morning.

Ulukka happened just outside the Eikenes tunnel on Hestenesøyra.

Ulukka happened just outside the Eikenes tunnel on Hestenesøyra. Photo: GLOPPEN FIRE AND RESCUE

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– The car was in a bad shape

There were strong gusts of wind in the area.

– I thought that the first thing we had to do was secure. It didn’t look good, the car was in a bad shape, says Holme about the sight that met them.

Where the car was, it is about 100 meters down into the fjord.

– With a little movement, it could tip further down the slope. There are some bushes and forest, but it is a steep slope down towards the fjord, says Holme.

The wind howled in the car

Holme was able to talk to the driver and the four children after getting them out of the car.

– They were affected by the incident, of course.

– Lying down is feeling the strong wind, it rocked enough in the car, it couldn’t have been a nice experience, he says.

The people in the car were looked after by health personnel at the scene, but were physically unharmed and able to go home.

The police do not know the cause of the accident, but there were reports of slippery roads in the area.

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