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It was stated in interviews, in biographies and on the government’s website that Erna Solberg was married to “civil economist Sindre Finnes”.

Finnes actively supported the lie by using the civil economist ring on major, official occasions, together with his wife Erna Solberg. It was the newspaper Dagens Næringsliv that documented this on 1 February.

Erna Solberg knew perfectly well that her husband never completed his education. Many around Sindre Finnes must have known that he never delivered that task.

Is it the culture in the Conservative Party that nice titles can be used just because you feel like them?

Anyone who has completed a higher education knows which bend it is. But most of all, they know what was not able to round the last turn. There are quite a few who did not manage to complete their studies, and they like to title themselves with a smile as “candid course” or “half-study thief”.

They are honest, they are whole, you can trust them. Unlike our former Prime Minister’s spouse, who, with his wife’s blessing, adorned himself with a title he did not have.

Elin Ørjasæter

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Elin Ørjasæter is a lecturer in HR and working life at Kristiania University College, and has written a number of books on personnel management and employment law. She is active as a lecturer and has had a number of appearances in NRK and TV2, as well as in debate and news programs – as well as in reality and entertainment.

Not allowed

I myself struggled for a higher civil service exam at the University of Oslo in the last two years after having my first child. I could hardly take maternity leave as the large main thesis (now called Master’s thesis) had to be written in the stipulated time. Education costs, in this case also for the family, if it is to be done properly.

It feels amazing when others tackle titles they haven’t worked on.

During my career I have worked as a headhunter reading CVs and interviewing people full time. Someone who claims an education he never completed is automatically out of the job process. As a rule, not because the degree itself is strictly necessary, but because he has shown a lack of personal integrity.

The spouse’s personal characteristics are usually irrelevant both in political elections and in job appointments. But it looks different when the spouse has actively supported an error in the CV, as Erna must have done here. She has not lifted a finger to correct the incorrect biographical information in her husband’s CV. She hasn’t even asked him to take off the ring on the way to fine dinners at the Castle.

Both civil engineer and civil economist are titles you are not allowed to use if you do not meet the requirements.

These titles require objective, measurable achievements, in the same way that the titles of nurse and doctor require both education and authorization. There is thus a different seriousness to abusing such a title than titling oneself with an unprotected title such as economist, even if you have not studied economics.

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Rundlurt by Sindre

Erna Solberg wanted the Norwegian people to believe that she herself was tricked by him in the share trading case. This gives the share trading case a new dimension.

Let me quote Klassekampen’s leader on February 2, signed editor Mari Skurdal:

“The disclosure of the misuse of the title and ring could have been a private and shameful moment in the life of an NHO employee. What makes the matter more serious is that his wife, former Prime Minister Erna Solberg, has defended her own years-long incapacity as head of state to the whole of Norway by saying that she “had no reason to distrust my husband”. (…) Now another picture is rolled up, case by case. For several decades, Finnes has let everyone believe that he is a civil economist. He has rather fed than corrected the image.”

Erna Solberg’s comment on the case is distinctly Solbergian: Total disclaimer. Yes, she has seen that some people use the term civil economist, but “assumed that it is due to assumptions”. That she has never read about the man in reference books, nor her own, official biography on the government’s website, is unlikely.

Her career in the conservative student association in Bergen also indicates that she is among those who know the meaning of her husband’s ring best in the country. She therefore had every reason to distrust her husband before the share case broke. Solberg’s defense in the share case is not credible.”

All reason to distrust

Former parliamentary representative for the Conservative Party, Henning Warloe, on the other hand, who has also been a city councilor for many years and a year acting city council leader in Bergen, tells the newspaper Dagens Næringsliv that he thinks the whole case is a storm in a glass. He has also called himself a civil economist and bought this ring, despite the fact that, like Sindre, he never handed in the final thesis.

At the time of writing, on the morning of 3 February 2024, Wikipedia still states that Henning Warloe is a graduate economist at the Norwegian School of Economics. In Bergen Høyre you will find quite a few.

During Sindre Finne’s time as a student, it was not checked that the person who ordered the ring had passed the exam.

Today, this trust-based system has been changed, so that the purchase of the ring must be approved by the Norwegian School of Economics’ administration, according to Dagens Næringsliv.

In a year and a half, Erna and Sindre will move into the prime minister’s residence.

She who had “no reason to distrust my husband”, according to herself, when the revelation about the share trading was at the top of the news.

Well then, there was every reason for mistrust. There is also every reason to distrust a party that chooses to retain such a candidate for prime minister.

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