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Former NTNU rector Anne Borg has again become a professor of physics at NTNU. This is confirmed by director of organization and infrastructure, Bjørn Haugstad, in a text message to the online newspaper Khrono. He writes to Khrono that the former rector “has received a letter about organizational affiliation with the Department of Physics, from which she has been on leave”.

Borg takes up the position with an annual salary close to NOK 1.5 million. That is just over NOK 300,000 less than she had as headmaster, according to Khrono. It is clarified by NTNU that Borg has the right to an academic update/research appointment in line with NTNU’s practice for term leaders and the regulations for what is called a research appointment.

According to Khrono, the research term is a period of time off from the ordinary duties of academic staff, in order to update themselves on what has happened in their field during the period one has been a leader. Anne Borg has not responded to Khrono’s inquiries.

NTNU rector Anne Borg is stepping down – this is the new rector

Criticized NTNU researchers

Her new boss, head of department Erik Wahlström, tells Khrono that there is no agreement on how long the former NTNU rector’s research term will be. Borg resigned as NTNU rector before Christmas after she criticized two NTNU researchers for the use of words in an article about nuclear power, in an article that was printed in the newspaper Dagens Næringsliv.

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NTNU rector Borg reacted at the time to the researchers’ use of terms such as “commissioned work” and “partial input”, regarding a nuclear power report commissioned by NHO, Norwegian Industry and Renewable Energy Norway. This led to a discussion about academic freedom of expression at NTNU.

As it became clear that Borg had been in close contact with the director of Norsk Industri, and had also sent the article to him for review before it went to press, the debate also became a question of how close links academia and industry can and should have.

New agreement between NTNU and NHO: – This weakens NTNU as an independent institution

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