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– It is risky to travel out in traffic today, says traffic operator Christian Strømmen in the Traffic Center to NRK.

Bad weather and poor visibility are ravaging the mountain passes in southern Norway.

– The reason is uweather and poor visibility, says Strømmen.

The E16 over Filefjell was closed for a short period when the Swedish Road Administration had to extend the column section. A little before 6 p.m., the convoy started again.

All the other mountain passes in southern Norway are closed. Also E6 over Dovrefjell is closed due to strong winds.

Here you can check the updated status from the Norwegian Public Roads Administration.

Several roads in southern Norway are closed due to landslides and the risk of landslides.

– There is some preventive closure on some roads, says Strømme.

Difficult driving in Central Norway and Northern Norway

Driving conditions are also challenging in central Norway and northern Norway.

Today comes the third storm this week and hits the coast of Norway.

Strong winds and a lot of rainfall make the route demanding for vegans, especially in Møre og Romsdal, Trøndelag and Helgeland.

– We are working to ensure that we manage to keep the major roads open, says Nil Karbø, head of traffic management and preparedness in the Norwegian Road Administration.

He urges road users to be careful – landslides and objects can get in the way.

– Under these conditions, I would ask road users to consider the journey, says Karbø.

E6 Saltfjellet is closed. During Saturday, the center of the storm is expected to hit Saltfjellet.

Photo: Norwegian Road Administration

On Helgeland south of Mo i Rana, most of the ferry traffic has been canceled due to strong winds. There are still ferries north of Mo i Rana, but the ferry between Bodø and Moskenes has been cancelled, reports the Norwegian Public Roads Administration.

ColorLine is also canceling several departures on Saturday evening due to the weather conditions.

Car was in danger of falling 100 metres

Many drivers have noticed the storm and the bad driving that is ravaging large parts of the country today.

In Gloppen in Vestland, a car with five people was in danger of falling 100 meters into the sea after a traffic accident.

– It could have quickly gone really bad, says firefighter Arne Rønnekleiv Holme to NRK.

110 Vest reported that it was slippery in the place.

There was an adult and four children in the car, who were still on the verge of an accident.

Photo: Gloppen fire and rescue

The fire brigade rushed out and secured the car and rescued the five unharmed.

– They were really “shaky”, and I can understand that, says Rønnekleiv Holme.

On the E6 Sørfold, a lorry train blocked the road for a period. The vehicle had to be salvaged, but it is now free to travel again.

A car ended up on top of the guardrail in Ålesund. No one was injured, the police report. There was sleet on the road and the car skidded.

Two buses have collided in Breidablikveien in Trondheim. The road was closed, but has reopened. There were bad roads in the city.

Vegtrafikksentralen: – Consider staying at home

There is a great risk of landslides across the country. NVE reports an orange and red danger warning.

The road traffic center expects very bad weather and weather all weekend.

Before the weekend, the Norwegian Public Roads Administration announced demanding conditions for vegans.

At Filefjell there is column driving.

Photo: Norwegian Road Administration

Traffic operator Jenny Nilsson at Vegtrafikksentralen Vest, asks people to consider whether they can drop the drive today.

– But if you have to go out, you should check weather and road reports, make sure you have enough food and water, and be aware that the trip may be longer than planned, she says.

Rain and mild weather cause big problems for vegans in central Norway. There are large water ponds in several places and very slippery where there is ice on vegans.

There have also been reports of very slippery roads elsewhere in southern Norway, including Golsfjellet on Friday evening.

In Lillestrøm, the police are called for reports of slippery roads, write the police to X. But otherwise in the East, it should be fine, according to the Vegtrafikksentralen east.

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