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Debate, Politics | I trust you, Daniel!

Debate, Politics | I trust you, Daniel!
Debate, Politics | I trust you, Daniel!

Opinions This is a debate post. The post expresses the writer’s views.

Dear Daniel Hägglund.

I am so happy so that you, as city councilor for Kindergarten and school, see the importance of a good childhood.

The last time I heard you speak to kindergarten staff, you pointed out that a childhood lasts a lifetime, both for better and for worse.

Therefore we must ensure that our kindergartens are equipped to meet each child with care where “every child gets the opportunity to flourish and explore their full potential” (from the city council platform). As educators in Bergen, we couldn’t agree more!

We will do our very best to make you as a nursery school owner proud of the municipal nurseries and the profession, but if we are going to do it, we depend on you!

We know our job and we are passionate about our profession, but you as city council must provide us with an increased financial framework so that we can get better staffing.

In the management audit, Deloitte has pointed out that Bergen municipality is in breach of the Kindergarten Act §26 “The staffing must be sufficient for the staff to run a satisfactory educational activity”, despite the fact that the minimum in the staffing and pedagogue standard has been met.

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Don’t the children in Bergen deserve better?

It shows both you, me and everyone else that the minimum is not good enough.

I have for the past six years been the main shop steward in Uddanningsforbundet Bergen. My biggest commitment is about the framework we have in place to give the children a good and safe everyday life in the nursery school.

In order for each child to be seen, heard and experience a meaningful everyday life characterized by good play, friendship and joy, staffing must be improved.

Over the past ten years, increased sickness absence, increased demands, a shortage of substitutes and a lack of recruitment have become bigger and bigger challenges in the sector. All of us who work in the nursery have for years given politicians and owners the fait to

address these challenges; Better staffing!

We cannot handle any more easy solutions such as “A good day at work”, “Nærversprojektet” or “Tett på”.

As a profession, we enjoy working with colleagues and meaningful tasks. We have the world’s most rewarding and important job, but we have too many tasks and too few people to solve them, so the emotional burden becomes too great. Good frameworks and increased presence for the employees translate into quality for the children. It will be a good childhood that will last a lifetime!

Now I trust you Daniel!

I trust that you are just as concerned that our municipal nurseries should be of high quality for each individual child as I am. I trust that you, as a nursery school owner, will take responsibility and increase staffing in Bergen municipality’s nursery schools.

I and all my talented colleagues know that this is the solution to almost all the challenges we face in the nursery.

Since you are a wise man, I hope you listen to the profession and everyone on the “floor”, and do what works.

You are responsible for the framework, we will do the work.

Dear Daniel, now I trust you! Increase staffing!

The article is in Norwegian

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