The red cycle lanes are both narrow and smooth

The submitter does not feel safe when using the red cycle lanes in the city. Photo: Pål Christensen
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DEBATE: Sebastian Fitjar has a post under opinions in Aftenbladet on Saturday 27 January about the red cycle lanes. I am a cyclist who uses the city streets in Stavanger a lot and agree with most of what he brings up.

In some places, these red-painted cycle paths are so narrow that I feel very unsafe when cars pass me just centimeters away. These red cycle paths should also continue through the roundabouts, so that cyclists had the right of way over cars. But ideally, I think one should drop these red-painted paths, and replace them with proper cycle paths.

What worries me, among other things, is that they appear very smooth. Paint on asphalt does not go well together. Especially at the time of year we have been through in January with both snow, frost and now rain. I try to avoid cycling in these cycle lanes and instead cycle on the pavement or in one of the side streets.

This applies especially in Møllegata in Stavanger, which is broadly painted red and is sloping in many places. Many of the motorists mostly do not know which rules apply here either.


Published: February 3, 2024 4:00 p.m

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