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Many dream of a winter trip to an island that many refer to as the purest holiday paradise. We are talking about the island nation of the Bahamas, which is located in the Atlantic Ocean, southeast of Florida in the USA.

Consisting of more than 700 islands and over 2,000 smaller islets and reefs surrounded by crystal clear turquoise waters, white sandy beaches and tropical climates, it’s no wonder that charter travelers, cruise passengers and adventurers alike flock to the Bahamas.

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  • American and Norwegian authorities are warning tourists to be extra careful when visiting the Bahamas due to crime and security concerns.
  • This includes violent crime such as burglary, armed robbery and sexual assault.
  • They also warn about commercial recreational boats and water excursions that may not be adequately regulated.
  • Security for cruise passengers to the island kingdom is now being tightened.

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Here you can also swim with bathing pigs.


But now the idyll is cracking and both the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the US State Department sound the security alarm and warn travelers to be extra careful when visiting the Bahamas due to crime and security problems.

Your luggage can get lost when you travel on holiday, both on departure and arrival. It is therefore advisable that you always pack these items in your hand luggage. Video: Embla Hjort-Larsen.
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A travel warning for the Bahamas has previously been shared by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which reads: “Travellers should exercise caution due to crime”.

American authorities now classify the risk in the Bahamas as “Level 2”, and warn Americans to “exercise increased caution” during the visit, writes the travel website Travel+Leisure.

The US State Department classifies countries on a scale of 1 to 4, from “exercise normal caution” up to “do not travel here.”

UNREST IN THE IDYLMY: The Bahamas is not just an idyll. Photo: REX/NTB
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Robbery and murder

The US Embassy in Nassau has also issued a security warning, urging tourists to exercise extreme caution in the eastern part of New Providence Island off the capital Nassau and not to physically resist any robbery attempts after there have been 18 murders there since the start of the year.

Butcher travel tips: – Bad

There are gang conflicts in the Bahamas that have led to a high homicide rate that mainly affects the local population.

Violent crime, such as burglary, armed robbery and sexual assault, occurs in both tourist and non-tourist areas. Be vigilant when staying at short-term holiday homes where private security companies are not present.

Lays down flat: – What the hell?!

In addition to crime, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs warned travelers about commercial pleasure boats and water excursions, which may not be adequately regulated.

Unsafe boats

The warning comes just months after a 74-year-old passenger on a Royal Caribbean cruise died when the boat she was on sank during an excursion.

Boats may be poorly maintained, and some operators may lack safety certifications, warns the US State Department.

Increases security

Many cruise companies have private islands in the Bahamas with increased security. Security is now being tightened for the many cruise passengers to the island kingdom.

Tightens in

The colorful coral reefs provide fantastic diving and snorkelling, while the idyllic islands usually offer opportunities for relaxation and exclusive resort experiences.

None of the largest Norwegian tour operators have trips from Norway to the Bahamas, but trips to the Bahamas are mediated by a number of travel agencies.

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