Opinion poll, Center Party | New fall for Vedum: – Can’t turn it around

Opinion poll, Center Party | New fall for Vedum: – Can’t turn it around
Opinion poll, Center Party | New fall for Vedum: – Can’t turn it around

The center party is on a roll in Nettavisen’s February poll from InFact. The party falls two percentage points, to 5.8 percent.

– It is conceivable that there is a form of negative Borch effect here. She has been an upcoming star in the Center Party, who has been talked about as a possible successor to Vedum, says election analyst Svein Tore Marthinsen to Nettavisen.

The survey was taken two weeks after the Center Party’s high-profile cabinet minister, Sandra Borch, resigned after it was revealed that she had copied from other students’ master’s theses.

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In the measurements, which were carried out by InFact on 1 February, 1,023 people were interviewed by telephone. The margin of error is +/- 0.8 – 2.7 percentage points.

The results for all parties:

– Can’t turn it around

The result for the governing party is more than halved from the parliamentary election result two years ago, when the party received 13.5 percent of the vote. If the measurement had been the election result, they would have lost 19 of their 28 parliamentary representatives.

– The center party occasionally manages to stabilise, but then a few weeks pass and then they go back again. You struggle with something fundamental, because they are unable to turn it around, says Marthinsen to Nettavisen.

Historically, the 5 is not that low for the Center Party, but it is a far cry from the cheer polls in the 20s a couple of years ago.

– They are so far down to their usual level, and what was usual before they made strong progress. But it’s a halving, and well, compared to the last general election, says Marthinsen, and points out:

– There is likely to be a landslide among the representatives if the Center Party is unable to return by next year.

– The economy can help

At the same time, the government partner the Labor Party is at a record low, receiving 18.8 percent in the survey.

– It is historically low for the Labor Party, Marthinsen asserts.

He points out that the poor polls for Jonas Gahr Støre’s party have now persisted for many months. The election analyst nevertheless says that there may be a light in the tunnel for the party.

– They have said that there will be a turning point in the economy. The possibility that you have is probably that things turn around economically, and that we start to see trends in interest rates starting to go down and prices going down. I think that is something that can help the government, he says, and at the same time adds:

– But for now in 2024, there is no indication that there is a turning point underway in terms of public opinion for the government.

Q: – We work every day

– This is feedback that we must do more for the whole of Norway, says Sp deputy leader Anne Beathe Tvinnereim to Nettavisen about the decline, and adds:

– We need more development and value creation. Halving the maximum price on district flights, halving the price of kindergartens across large parts of the country and a more practical school are initiatives we will put in place this year. Then we work every day to do even more for a vibrant Norway.

Here are the results for the other parties: Høyre 26.8 (+3.3), Frp 14.6 (+0.1), SV 10.3 (+1.1), KrF 4.2 (-0.3 ), Left 5.9 (+0.7), Red 5.7 (+0.1), MDG 4.0 (+0.4), INP 2.3 (-3.8) and Other parties 1, 7 (+0.2).

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