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– This is a lot of fun, smiles Sjur Wethal Helljesen, senior advisor for climate and customer solutions at Nasta.

The machine supplier has for a long time used charging from the Mobil energi concept of Skagerak Energi, the power company states in a press release. The solution makes it possible to charge the electric fleet without being connected to a power grid. This is done by moving large, mobile batteries to and from the construction site.

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New record

A short time ago, Nasta carried out a charging test on one of its very latest all-electric 16-tonne excavators.

– We did this simply to see how much the machine can receive, and how much the battery can deliver, explains Wethal Helljesen.

– The result was completely raw. The machine is rigged to charge at 200 kilowatts. This one therefore charges at 340 kilowatts! It has probably never been done on an excavator before – not in Norway – probably not in the world.

The test was carried out by gradually increasing the power from the large, mobile battery from Skagerak Energi, in a step test.

– The excavator’s battery was almost full when we got there in the test, and when we reached the peak of 340 kilowatts, the machine was 80 per cent full. Now we know that we can charge a 340 kW battery, and then we go from 20 percent to 80 percent in 20 minutes. Then the machine is fully charged before you finish your lunch, sums up the senior adviser at Nasta.

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New knowledge

The team did not know if the machine would withstand the test.

– But now we know that it is working and as Skagerak Energi only increases the available charging power, we have to respond to it at the other end, says Sjur Wethal Helljesen.

– We have run many tests on this solution, and the results are good. This works.

Skagerak Energi is also very satisfied with the result.

– Offering a stable high output to be able to charge plant equipment as quickly as possible is important in order to give the customer the highest possible operating time for their equipment, says Oddvar Arnø, project manager at Skagerak Energi.

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