– Consider whether the trip is necessary


Several yellow danger warnings have been sent out in Vestland this weekend.

There may be a lot of snow. But not in Bergen.
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The Norwegian Meteorological Institute has issued a yellow warning for snow on Saturday and Sunday.

– There will be varying building weather. Above 300 metres, 25–50 centimeters of snow can fall, says Anne Solveig Andersen, meteorologist on duty at Vervarslinga in Vestland.

Locally in the mountains there may be even more.

– There are strong onshore winds, so the cities travel far inland. The most snow will be in the middle and inner regions, she says.

In the center of Bergen, the meteorologist expects sleet to fall, but in Kvamskogen and Voss there may be a good deal of snow. This can create difficult driving conditions.

There is a snowman in the mountains. Photo: Meteorological Institute

Closed roads and convoy driving

In the mountains in southern Norway, heavy snow has been forecast, resulting in reduced visibility.

On Saturday morning, several mountain passes are closed, and convoy driving over Haukeli and Filefjell.

– Drive according to the conditions if you want to go out and drive, but consider whether the trip is necessary at all, says traffic operator Jenny Nilsson at the Traffic Center.

She asks motorists to be quiet with good tires and plenty of fuel.

– Be prepared to encounter difficult driving conditions, closed roads and convoy driving. Bring food, drink and warm clothes, she advises.

The Swedish Road Traffic Center has received several reports of ice fall in the county on Saturday. Several trees blew down on the county road in Byrkjelo, and clogged culverts have led to flooding in Hardanger.

Slippery roads were also reported when a car with four children drove off the road in Gloppen.

There is a strong wind in the north of Vestland.
There is a strong wind in the north of Vestland. Photo: Meteorological Institute

Next week will be more hectic

A yellow warning of strong gusts of wind has been issued for parts of the county.

On Saturday morning there will be a gale along the coast in the north of the county, including in Måløy and Bulandet.

– Do not go out in a small boat, writes the Meteorological Institute about Måløy.

The wind should calm down in the evening.

After the weekend, the weather will be calmer, according to the meteorologist.

– Next week the temperature will be around zero. There will be cooler air masses and calmer weather, says Nilsson.


Published: February 3, 2024 12:34 p.m

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