– We must put aside the idea that Norway should be able to be a “green battery” for Europe – Dagsavisen

– We must put aside the idea that Norway should be able to be a “green battery” for Europe – Dagsavisen
– We must put aside the idea that Norway should be able to be a “green battery” for Europe – Dagsavisen

– I, like many others, have been greatly upset by the series “Oppsynsmannen” on NRK, which shows how bad our nature is. We can no longer have full pressure and push on with everything that conflicts with nature. We have to say no to things. Then we believe that we should say no to wind power.

This is what Rødt leader Marie Sneve Martinussen says to Dagsavisen.

On Saturday morning, she opened Rødt’s national board meeting in Oslo with a strong confrontation with Norwegian energy policy and nature policy. She particularly attacked the wind power projects in Norway, which will provide more renewable power to the Norwegian electricity system.

– We have other ways of getting power, and we believe that destroying Norwegian nature in order to export power is something that is natural to say no to, says Martinussen.

Rebellion of power

– We must put aside the idea that Norway should be able to be a “green battery” for Europe, she said in the speech

She also advocated for a number of issues that she and Rødt believe will help prevent the degradation of nature, and at the same time ensure us low electricity prices and enough power for people and businesses.

  • We must use the government’s notified nature plan to say no to new wind power.
  • We must have a large-scale investment in power saving.
  • We must use the opportunity we have in this parliamentary term to say no to the renewal of the Denmark cables when their technical lifespan expires.
  • We must veto the EU’s fourth energy market package.
  • We must renegotiate the export cables with the EU and Great Britain and let the People’s Government decide on power exports.

– The fact that Norway is in practice without our historical advantage, with reasonable Norwegian power for people and business, is also an important part of the reason why people lose faith in politics, says the Rødt leader, and elaborates:

– In recent years, we have seen a violent electricity revolt with people demanding lower prices for electricity and the power to be used for industry and workplaces in Norway. When the government, the Conservative Party and the NHO answer that “no, no, no, you don’t understand this”, people get the feeling that it is not the people’s government that decides. We have pledged our power to the European power exchange, and the result is a power policy that drains nature and power from Norway. One of the scariest things that happens in politics is when we get large, popular uprisings where people feel that no one is listening.

– Folk vil ikke akseptere at utenlandske eiere skal tjene seg rike på norske naturressurser ]

Harsh outcomes against the government

In her speech on Saturday, she accused Energy Minister Terje Aasland of being a “supervisor for the European power exchange and the wind power industry, and not a supervisor for Norwegian nature, electricity customers and industry, as he should be”.

– We have a government now that says we must build more of everything faster, and that says it is impossible for us to take control of the power, and that allows the European electricity exchange to set the electricity prices in Norway. I think people are frustrated by that. It is time to say that energy policy should be for the best for nature and value creation in Norway, says Martinussen.

It is not just NHO, the government and the Conservative Party, on which Rødt lays the blame, who want more power and grids in Norway in order to bring down electricity prices and ensure enough power to both electrify the country and create new jobs.

Several public committees have concluded the same, and LO also supports such a line. But Rødt does not buy that more power in the form of wind power is needed to once again ensure that Norway gets stable, low electricity prices and a solid power surplus.

– We have to stop believing that we have high electricity prices in Norway now because of power shortages. We have had a power surplus in recent years. It is the pricing that is the cause of the high electricity prices. In the long term, we must ensure enough power for people and industry, and we must cut emissions. Our plan for that is to prioritize power. There are many things we don’t want to use energy on. Like electrifying the pedestal. We also don’t want crypto factories, which neither create jobs nor value.

Store lønnsforskjeller mellom kommersielle og kommunale sykehjem ]

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