Car with five people drove off the road – was in danger of falling 100 metres


They lay still in the car until the fire brigade came and helped them out.

ON THE EDGE: The fire brigade had to secure the car before the people were taken out. Photo: Gloppen Fire Service

Saturday 3 February at 13:21

On Saturday morning, the West police district received a report of a single accident in Gloppen. A car had driven off the road and was lying on its side.

– It is far down and steep, but there is a lot of forest so it is not certain that the car had fallen that far. But they were on the edge and there was an open section down to the forest, says fire brigade leader in Gloppen, Arne Rundekleiv Holme, to VG.

The fire brigade had to extract the people in the car.

– They lay still until we arrived. They did the right thing. Fortunately, it went well.

According to Stian Kvam at the 110 central, the car was so unstable that they could not get the people out until they had secured the car.

– From where the car was, it is 100 meters straight into the sea, says Kvam to BA.

There was a driver and four children in the car, the police reported on X. They were examined by health officials on the spot and were physically unharmed.

– They were very relieved, but also affected by the situation, when we got them out. It is of course very understandable. This was not pleasant. There was a lot of wind on the site as well, so they felt that it was affecting the car, says task leader Holme to the newspaper.

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