Will the air in Midtbyen be better if people in the district drive off the road?


Reidar Albertsen Deputy leader, Trondheim Frp


3 February 2024 at 13:03

3 February 2024 at 13:03

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The studded tire tax was introduced to improve the air quality in our city, but as usual this also turned into a cash cow for the municipality. Those who have recently driven a car in Klæbu, on Byneset or, as Martin Gudem Ringdalen writes on Tuesday, tried to deliver children to Kyvannet nature nursery on studless tyres, have had some exciting trips.

Who is to blame if it goes wrong?

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Thieves in the field

Reidar Albertsen.
Photo: The Progress Party

Trondheim Frp believes that safety must come before questionable environmental measures, and we will therefore remove the studded tire tax. The rest of the city council will not agree to this, but in any case they should be able to agree to introduce an exemption for studded tire tax in parts of the municipality.

Let those of the municipality’s inhabitants who live in such a way that they need studded tires to feel safe behind the wheel, be allowed to do so without paying extra.

People must be let go to keep the steering wheel blue, even if certain parties in the city council would like to keep blue on unnecessary taxes and the citizens’ wallets.

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