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Ruter’s press contact, Sofie Brun, confirms that a wheel fell off one of the buses on Saturday morning.

– We are talking about line 23 and the bus had no passengers.

Witness observations that Avisa Oslo has received from the scene, however, say that the passengers had to get off the bus and go to the nearest bus stop, which luckily was close by.

– Then it may be that we have not received sufficient information, says Brun.

Fell off at speed

Avisa Oslo talks to Mathias Gjerdrum, who filmed a short clip after he got off the bus. He claims that the wheel fell off the bus while it was moving.

– There was a loud scraping sound, the bus stopped, and we were told to get off. Then we see the rear left wheel rolling at high speed on to Ring 3.

– What was it like to experience this?

– For the passengers, it was no more dramatic than the sound. But the tire that fell off could hurt someone, then. It rolled on at high speed. Some guys in a car in front of us stopped the tire and lifted it off the road.

Because in the video images you can see that the wheel is in the ditch after the relatively large bus stop on ring 3 at Radiumhospitalet. The bus, on the other hand, is before the bus stop, a few tens of meters behind.

Gjerrum reacts


Bruun says that the bus has now been taken out of traffic, and has been driven to one of Ruter’s garages.

– I am a little unsure whether we were able to send in a replacement bus, but the next departure went as normal.

– Did it happen at speed?

– I have no idea.

Do you know why it happened?

Fortunately, it’s rare that this happens, but I can’t speculate on what the cause is.

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