Norwegian Cup in bouldering (Kristiansand)

Norwegian Cup in bouldering (Kristiansand)
Norwegian Cup in bouldering (Kristiansand)

For the competition, we recommend that all athletes and coaches familiarize themselves with the new format for the competition implementation for the Norwegian Cup in bouldering for 2024. The change will mostly concern the implementation of the qualification, where each class qualifies on 20 boulders in a specific time period. This year the finals will be held according to the EYC format, with rotation.

Organization & contact information
Organizer club: Christianssand Climbing Club
Arena: Klatreverket Kristiansand
Event responsible club: Tonje Hellenes
Telephone: 99602130
E-mail: [email protected]

Event manager NKF: Jørn A. Øwre Smørbøl
Telephone: 45234288
Email: [email protected]

Chief referee: Jan Erik Devold
Route setters: Oskar T. Paulen, Christer Raugland and Trym S. Landmark (trainee)
Speaker: Lars Verket

Information qualification
Each class competes on numbered boulders in qualifying. The performer himself keeps track of which these are!
– U16F – rumble no. 1 – 20
– U18F – rumble no. 2 – 21
– U16M – rumble no. 3 – 22
– U18M – rumble no. 4 – 23
– U20F and sr.F – rumble no. 4 – 23
– U20M and sr.M – boulders no. 6 – 25

Program (tentative)
Friday – 2 Feb.
18:00 – Registration opens
21:00 – Registration closes!!

Registration can be done per tel. or SMS to 90 63 11 37 or by attending the Climbing Agency, during the specified time period.
NB: Registration is done club by club, by the team manager or person with an overview of the club’s participants!!

Saturday – 3 Feb.
07:30 – Arena opens
08:45 – Technical meeting with head judge*
09:00 – Qualification U16F and U18F
12:45 – Qualification U16M and U18M
16:30 – Qualification U20F, U20M, Sr.F and Sr.M

*will be conducted 15 minutes before the start of each qualifying round

Sunday – 4 Feb.
07:30 – Arena opens
08:30 – Isolate closes U16F and U16M
08:45 – Isolate closes U18F, U18M, U20F, U20M, Sr.F and Sr.M
08:50 – Presentation and viewing U16F and U16M
09:00 – Final U16F and U16M
10:00 – Turning
11:00 – Presentation and viewing U18F and U18M
11:10 – Final U18F and U18M
12:10 – Reversing
12:50 – Presentation and screening U20F, U20M, Sr. F and Sr. M
13:00 – Final U20F and U20M
14:00 – Final Sr.F and Sr.M
15:00 – Prize giving

U16 girls & boys (2011, 2010, 2009)
U18 girls & boys (2008, 2007)
U20 girls & boys (2006, 2005)
Senior Women & Men (2004<)

Registration fee: NOK 350. (subsequent registration + NOK 200)
Registration deadline: 20 Jan (subsequent registration possible until 27 Jan)

Nb. It is possible for the club to register all of the club’s participants together in the ison, but then it is required that the person registering for the club has the role of “registration manager” in Clubadmin for the climbing group.

Start lists & live results
List of participants – click here!
Start list – click here!
Results – click here!

Format and regulations
Press here!

From the 2024 rules1:5 : In the case of exceptional circumstances, such as injunctions from authorities, other unforeseen circumstances, logistic or broadcasting issues that arise, NKF has the right to change the format or other measures in relation to these regulations to be able to carry through national competitions.

Therefore: In order to be able to carry out the bouldering competitions with a sufficient number of qualifying problems as described in the rules, the sports director and responsible competition coordinator for the NKF therefore add the following addition to the regulations for the Norwegian boulder cups.
“Boulder problems can be built by color and only holds with the color of the current boulder problem are allowed to be used”

Travel information
SAS sports award: Code: KLAT999. Possible youth tickets on SAS and Norwegian (code Under26)
NKF encourages everyone to think about environmentally friendly travel alternatives. Bus and train are good alternative ways of traveling to Kristiansand.

Information accommodation
Thon Partner in Marksgt. Located closest to the hall. All Thon Hotels in the center are within walking distance of the Climbing Agency.
Thon hotel sports price – book through this page: click on log in, click on company agreement and use offer code TH87830 and Norwegian Climbing Association as company when booking.

Transport to and from the arena / arena parking
Walking distance from the Thon hotels
Parking outside the hall

There will be simple kiosk sales in the arena selling sausages.

All participants also receive a special price from the local Pizzabakeren – Large pizza for NOK 185 Order from tel: 38 07 00 00. State your participation in the Norwegian Bouldering Cup.

Admission both days: NOK. 100
One team leader per club will receive accreditation that gives access to the arena without payment.

NKF is certified as a Clean Special Association and has zero tolerance for doping, as well as other drugs and illegal substances. The association has developed its own anti-doping policy, which you can find here.
Doping tests are regularly carried out on athletes who participate in climbing competitions. It is the athlete’s responsibility to keep informed of the regulations in force at all times! Therefore, we encourage all athletes, coaches and support staff to complete Clean Athlete, which is Antidoping Norway’s online training for athletes. The training program is easy to complete and gives you basic knowledge of the regulations.

The article is in Norwegian

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