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– Performing here is like being drenched in love


This weekend, Trondheim is packed with glitz and glamor and excited MGP artists, because on Saturday evening the Norwegian final takes place in the Trondheim spectrum.

On Friday afternoon, Nea Radio measured the MGP atmosphere through a five-hour long broadcast from Comfort Hotel Park.

One of the guests on Nea Radio’s afternoon broadcast was artist Dag Erik Oksvold, who is very excited before the final itself. He will perform with the song “Judge tenderly og me” together with Anne Fagermo.

Dag Erik Oksvold was a guest on Nea Radio’s MGP broadcast from Comfort Hotel Park in Trondheim on Friday afternoon.
Photo: Karin Jegtvik

Dag Erik nevertheless took the time to stand in for Nea Radio’s broadcast “The General Assembly”, which you can hear in repeat on Saturday afternoon and Monday at 17.00, and for a good chat before the sound tests on Friday afternoon.

Listen to the full interview with Dag Erik Oksvold here:

Sisters Viviann Mære Rømo and Siv Tone Mære Bye from Verdal have been looking forward to the Norwegian final in the Trondheim spectrum ever since the final last year.

Sisters Viviann Mære Rømo and Siv Tone Mære Bye are super ready for MGP party in Trondheim Spektrum.
Photo: Karin Jegtvik

– We booked the hotel before we knew that this year’s final would be in Trondheim, says Siv Tone.

The sisters are here with family and friends, and dressed in matching sequined jackets, they are super ready for the MGP party.

Comfort Hotel Park is the official MGP hotel, home to the MGP club. And on both Friday and Saturday, they invited for a pre-game before the final. With DJ Charlie behind the controls and the MGP queen herself, Hanne Krogh, also appeared.

She held a concert at the hotel on Friday night.

– Performing in front of an MGP audience is like being drenched in love. it’s very funny, said Hanne Krogh, who was also a guest on the Nea Radio broadcast.

Listen to Hanne Krogh and several of the interviews from the broadcast here:

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