– Quality is the most important thing – Dagsavisen

– Quality is the most important thing – Dagsavisen
– Quality is the most important thing – Dagsavisen

The right-wing city council in Oslo has announced that they will put 4 nursing homes out to competition. Which 4 these will be is uncertain, but the Nursing Home Agency has already been tasked with finding out which nursing homes are best suited for privatisation. At the beginning of March, the agency will deliver a list of 6 nursing homes to the politicians, who will in turn decide which nursing homes will be put out to competition.

The previous, red-green city council spent its 8 years in power remunicipalizing all nursing homes in Oslo, with the exception of a few run by non-profit actors.

The fact that the Høyrebyrådet will once again allow commercial private players to run nursing homes makes the trade unions that organize the employees in the nursing homes see red. They fear that their wages will drop significantly.

– If the commercial ones come back, salary and pension are the only things they can save on. They cannot save on medicines, says local union representative for the Trade Union at Ullern Health Center Aud Traaholt to the Free Trade Union Movement.

Read the whole case: Employees at nursing homes in Oslo fear privatisation: – Don’t mess with our wages

– Better quality

It is health councilor Saliba Andreas Korkunc (H) who has been given the job of putting 4 nursing homes in Oslo out to competition. He is now responding to the criticism from the trade unions.

– The most important thing for the city council is that we get better quality for the users of the health and care service. We therefore want to use all our best efforts. It means a collaboration between public, non-profit and private actors, where the public sector is the mainstay, he tells Dagsavisen.

– Private and non-profit providers are important in this mix, because they can contribute to innovation in services and a more diverse offer. They compete for the same workers as the public sector, and now there is a shortage of health personnel. It then goes without saying that private and non-profit organizations cannot offer poor conditions if they are to manage to recruit skilled employees, he adds.

Nå vil Høyre-byrådet eksperimentere med helt ny turnusmodell: – Beklagelig og uklokt ]

New rotation

It is not only in the matter of tendering that the new health council has got the trade unions on their backs.

When the new Tåsenhjemmet is scheduled to open later this year, the previous red-green city council wanted it to become a full-time nursing home, where all employees were given full and permanent positions. However, the new city council dropped those plans after they won the election in the autumn.

Instead, they have asked the Nursing Home Agency to find a new way of organizing the employees’ working day.

We hope to achieve better quality for users. Better working time arrangements for the employees. Hopefully lower sickness absence and less use of substitutes, Korkunc told Dagsavisen last week.

Høyrebyrådet dropper heltidssykehjem: – Veldig beklagelig ]

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