The number of centenarians in Norway has tripled

The number of centenarians in Norway has tripled
The number of centenarians in Norway has tripled

At the turn of the millennium, there were around 350 people in Norway who had reached the age of one hundred, according to Statistics Norway.

Now in 2024, we will have well over 1,000 residents in the country who are centenarians.

By the end of the year, we will probably pass 1,100. That is, a tripling in not many years.

Without the pandemic, the number of centenarians could have been even higher.

Will there be 20,000 centenarians?

When the researchers at Statistics Norway (SSB) look into the glass ball – or rather their projections – they see a formidable increase in the number of Norwegian centenarians.

In the year 2050, up to 4,000 people over the age of one can live in Norway.

In the year 2100, there may have been over 20,000 centenarians in the population.

Men grow old too

Today, it is clear that most women live to be over a hundred years old. About 80 percent of all centenarians in Norway are now women.

But in Statistics Norway’s projections, the proportion of men and women over the age of one hundred will level out more and more.

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Eventually, there may be approximately equal numbers of each sex.

Several million centenarians

According to the UN’s figures, there are now around 700,000 people in the world who are over a hundred years old.

This could increase to almost 4 million in the year 2054, warns the UN.

Most centenarians in relation to the size of the population live in Japan. Thailand follows in second place and may overtake Japan in a few years.

This is how you can live to be 100 years old

Researchers in Gothenburg monitored the health of 855 men born in 1913 for a full 50 years. When some of these turned one hundred, the study ended.

What the researchers found was most important for living a hundred years is:

  • Staying away from tobacco.
  • Also try to avoid high cholesterol levels and blood pressure.
  • Useable fitness and limited body fat also make you more likely to age.

You can read more in this article: A little closer to the recipe for living to be 100 years old


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