Canceled departures on popular commuter routes continue

Canceled departures on popular commuter routes continue
Canceled departures on popular commuter routes continue

Train companies save up to NOK 100 million a year because their passengers do not ask for a refund when they are entitled to it. Now the Consumer Council has created a train calculator to help travelers get their money back.

Train passengers are entitled to a refund when Vy has cancellations and delays, yet only a small number ask for refunds. Photo: Siri Øverland Eriksen

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Published: 02/02/2024 18:34 | Updated: 02/02/2024 19:35

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  • The train companies save up to NOK 100 million annually because passengers do not ask for refunds in the event of delays.

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– It is no secret that Norwegian train passengers experience delays relatively frequently. At the same time, we see that there is a large under-use of passenger rights and demands to be reimbursed for ticket costs, says consumer director Inger Lise Blyverket.

The train calculator is reminiscent of the well-known one the flight calculator the flight calculatorThe flight calculator gives passengers an overview of their rights in the event of overbooking, delay, settings and baggage problems.and will help consumers calculate the requirements in a simple way.

– You only need to plot which company you are traveling with, what has happened and how late the train is.

The goal is for the calculator to be user-friendly and indicative, according to the Director of Consumer Affairs.

Inger Lise Blyverket, director of the Consumer Council, proudly shares the new train calculator.

Inger Lise Blyverket, director of the Consumer Council, proudly shares the new train calculator. Photo: Olav Olsen

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The train companies save large amounts on missing reimbursement claims

Norstat recently conducted a survey for the Norwegian Consumer Council. It shows that 8 out of 10 did not ask for a refund the last time they experienced a delay of 30 minutes or more with a local or regional train. The same is reported by 6 out of 10 who traveled by long-distance train with delays of over 60 minutes on long-distance trains.

Blyverket reports a good response to the calculator, both from consumers and the train companies. the train companies.Vy, Flytoget, Go Ahead Nordic and SJ Norge are the companies that transport passengers on Norwegian railways.

– The calculator does not help against snow or signal errors, but it makes it very easy to check which rights you have when the train is delayed or does not run, says the director of the consumer council in a press release.

The Consumer Council writes in the press release that Norwegian train passengers annually miss out on up to NOK 100 million in refunds.

– Many ask for a refund

Press contact in Vy, Kaja Rynning Moen, says that many people ask for a refund when trains are delayed or cancelled.

– It is good that many people ask for a refund, they are entitled to that, she says.

She says that Vy is positive about the calculator, and that they encourage their customers to ask for refunds.

– We are concerned that customers should be reimbursed for what they are entitled to, and usually encourage them to contact us when they experience delays and breaches. We have now made it even easier by linking directly to price reductions and replacements in the app, and we hope that this will make more people use this.

Aftenposten wrote a case on Wednesday about low capacity on Vy’s largest commuter routes. There has been half capacity at Lillestrøm–Asker and Lysaker–Ski, and it will continue like this for a couple more weeks.

Photo: Jan T. Espedal

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This is the reason

– We had a new assessment on Friday, and came to the conclusion that we unfortunately have to continue with half capacity and settings, reports Moen

The L1 train runs every half hour, instead of every quarter, but with two sets of trains, so there is more space for passengers. L2 runs every 15 minutes, as usual, but only one train set, so it gets crowded when there are many travelers.

For now, this is the situation through weeks six and seven. More than half of the trains have been cancelled, and many of the remaining departures have had one train stop, instead of two. This is how it has been throughout 2024 so far.

Moen says that this is due to a backlog of repairs on the trains, which have had challenges with cold and snow.

Good news for future commuters

The situation will hopefully improve in a few years.

– The trains that strike are often the oldest trains, which are up to 50 years old. From the end of 2025, the new local trains will start arriving, and they will replace the oldest trains we use today.

This will improve conditions and reduce delays and settings for future winters.

– We look forward!

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