Take measures to keep guests: – Signs that people have received worse advice


While costs increase and interest rates rise, several of the night clubs in Trondheim are working to retain guests.

Heidis Bier bar has chosen to introduce measures to attract more guests.

– We notice that people in the city have received worse advice and that fewer people go out than before. Some guests have told us that it’s almost no fun going out anymore, because they are so worried about the economy, says general manager Martin Buch.

Removes entry fee

In January conducted NHO a membership survey for business. There it emerged that almost 40 per cent of nightlife players think the situation in the market is bad.

Heidis Bier Bar has experienced a demanding situation since the pandemic and significant increases in costs in 2023.

At the beginning of January, the club decided to remove the entrance fee and lower the prices of some items in the bar until March 1, with the hope of more visitors.

– We notice that the number of guests has increased since we introduced the measures. Visitors also say that they appreciate that it has become cheaper, says Buch.

Heidi’s Bier Bar in December 2021.
Photo: Christine Schefte

The measure is being introduced despite the fact that the pub has experienced increased costs for rent, interest and goods.

– The whole industry notices that everything has become more expensive, but we know that this also applies to the man in the street. Students and young people in particular have high expenses now. It is important to us that people still feel they can afford to go out and enjoy themselves.

Many worried

The member survey from NHO shows that 6 out of 10 nightlife players are concerned that the market situation will get worse in the future.

Actors in Trøndelag are particularly pessimistic.

NHO believes that concern may come from the fact that January-March is usually a period when fewer people go out on the town, compared to the Christmas party season.

Photo: Per Sollerman / NHO

– The impression from our members is that the nightclubs are full, but the guests spend less money than before, says communications director Merete Habberstad at NHO Reiseliv, which represents catering companies, among other things.

Young people in Trondheim struggle to pay their bills

Stable visit

Nevertheless, few in Trondheim experience a decline in the number of visitors, according to the pubs Trd.by has contacted.

Mari Garberg Skjerve at Tag says, among other things, that they have experienced an ever-increasing influx since the corona pandemic.

– The price increases have affected us in the form that our margins have become smaller, but we have never priced ourselves the highest for drinks and we probably won’t do that either. We don’t charge for entry either, she says.

Managing director Mari Garberg Skjerve at Tag.
Photo: Stian Hansen

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Uses less money

The Downtown nightclub has also seen an increase in visitors over the past six months.

– One of the reasons for the increase may be that we predicted the development when interest rates rose a year ago. Then we started with cheaper entry and cloakroom before 11.30pm, says general manager Thomas Rosmæl.

Thomas Rosmæl at Downtown.
Photo: Ole-Fredrik Lambertsen

Although they do not notice that there are fewer guests, they see that some are spending a little less than before. He believes personal finances can play a role in this.

– We hear that the young adults and especially the students who work with us have had a huge increase in expenses over the past year, not least in rent. You live much more “hand to mouth” than before, and have less money to spend on something social, which is really important at that age.

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Have taken action

Habitat and Work-Work say that they feel the price increase mostly because their own costs have increased.

Both nightclubs have chosen to keep prices low and have not noticed a decrease in the number of people visiting them.

– Measures we have taken include investing more in the conference and corporate market and booking cultural events. In this way, we get increased visits and new guests who check us out and can help breathe life into the industry, says general manager Elise Sæther Miller at Habitat.

Photo: Aspen Bakken

Difficult period

Merete Habberstad in NHO understands that Heidis Bier Bar lowers the prices.

– It’s another move to keep guests and lower the threshold for going to the city. There is no doubt that the animal age affects the consumption of the guests. The nightlife and catering industry has tight margins, she says.

Photo: Christine Schefte

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