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For those who like the cold and snow, all you have to do is find the skis.

If, on the other hand, you prefer to sit inside with something hot in your cup – and you’re also staying in Mo i Rana – you can find the firewood with advantage.

– The previous cold record from 2010 in Mo i Rana was 24.8 minus degrees.

That’s according to state meteorologist at the Meteorological Institute, Iselin Skjervagen.

– Now the record has been broken. 26.4 minus degrees were measured today.

The day before, a new cold record was also set a little further south – at Majavatn in Grane municipality, temperatures were measured as low as minus 28.4 degrees.

It is the coldest it has been at the site in November. In addition, two other November records were set in Nordland and Nord-Trøndelag

The new November record was set for the airport in Mo i Rana.

Photo: Frank Nygård / NRK

Along the coast, on the other hand, the state meteorologist says that it is slightly warmer.

– Along the coast at Salten, Helgeland and Lofoten, there is little chance of snow since the precipitation more often consists of sleet and rain.

– Despite that, it’s great in Northern Norway with clear weather and cloudless skies.

And if you are the weather winner today, you must also be the winner of today’s best skier.

Many in the south

Although the very best skiing is in the north, according to the state meteorologist, it is also fine in the mountains further south.

Low temperatures combined with wind, as well as rain or sleet around 0 degrees, are particularly critical when it comes to heat loss in dogs.

Photo: NRK

– In Trøndelag it is partly cloudy, but there is more blue sky than clouds. So it’s very nice there, while to the south there is a bit more stuff.

– There are, for example, more clouds in the interior of southern Norway, so it may not be as nice there as in the north.

On the other hand, if you are north or east of Oslo in the mountains, it can be very nice.

– Along the west coast from Rogaland to Møre and Romsdal, the weather is mostly dry.

And the most weather-exposed county is – for once – Agder.

On the whole, the weather is currently quite nice over large parts of Norway.

Photo: Sofie Retterstøl Olaisen / NRK

But even there it will be quite nice, says the meteorologist:

– There may be some snow on the coast during the day, but apart from that, it’s quite nice in the south too.

Cold and paw cream may be helpful

Animal owners must take extra care of their animals this winter, urges a vet.

The pet can get frostbite or respiratory infections in the cold

According to the Norwegian Food Safety Authority, there were 565,000 dogs in Norway at the start of 2022.

Maybe your dog is like the cocker spaniel Timian, who wants to climb every peak you go to at all costs.

Photo: Harpreet Kaur Nijjer / NRK

Since our four-legged friends often feel best together with us two-legged friends, they would like to join us in the cold.

Then there are some points that are important to remember, says veterinarian Hanne Myrnes.

– You have to take fur type into consideration. Some have little fur, while other dogs have arctic fox fur, so there is also the question of length and whether the fur actually protects the skin.

– In any case, it is important to take care of the areas that can freeze. The with the greatest risk are testicles on male dogs and nipples on bitches.

– Frostbite on the legs is rare, but it can also get very cold there and on the ears.

Sega rarely feels better than when she can trudge with stepmother in the snow.

Photo: sunniva grimstad hestenes / NRK

Then the recommendation is to cover as much as you can with the cover, where there are also some that cover the dog’s nipples and testicles, says Myrnes.

In addition, you can use cold cream, somewhat depending on how long you will be outside and on what kind of terrain.

– On the paws, it can pay off with paw grease or paw socks, somewhat depending on how much and how functional the fur on the paws is.

Many animals also need extra food and water in connection with cold periods.

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