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Traffic and public transport, Bus | There will soon be changes on several local bus lines


For many lines, the departure time is adjusted by a few minutes to adapt to train departures. Some bus lines are extended, and some bus lines are also closed.

– Overall, the route offer is better adapted to where people live and work, and offers many new travel options, says Ruter’s spokesperson, Øystein Dahl Johansen.

– Together with the districts, Ruter has listened to input on changes and landed on a route offer that we believe is a good fit.

These are the local lines that are getting changes:

79 Åsbråten-Grorud

New stops at Skullerud:

  • Direction Grorud: platform J in Olaf Helset’s road
  • Direction Åsbråten: platform F inside the terminal

58 Nydalen-Tveita (Bøler)

  • Get more departures
  • Every other departure Monday-Saturday is extended to/from Bøler via Oppsal
  • From Tveita in the direction of Nydalen, the bus runs Wilhelm Stenersens vei to the new stop, Nåkkves vei. No longer stops on Sigrid Undsets vei and Haugerudhagan.

61B Tveita-Bøler

  • Abandoned and replaced by line 58 at Oppsal
  • (Refers to age-friendly transport in Alna district)

71 (Jernbanetorget-) Mortensrud-Bjørndal

  • Replaces line 71A
  • New morning departure from Mortensrud at 05.30 corresponds with the subway

72 Mortensrud-Seterbråten

  • Replaces line 71B
  • New morning departure from Mortensrud at 05.30 corresponds with the subway

76 Helsfyr-Mortensrud

  • Departure every 10 minutes between Helsfyr and Bøler Monday-Friday 07:00-18:00, otherwise every quarter of an hour
  • Departure every half hour between Helsfyr and Mortensrud
  • At Skullerud, the bus in the direction of Helsfyr stops at platform J in Olaf Helsets vei

78A Østensjø ring

  • No longer stops at Oppsal school, Solhøgda and Skøyenlia (direction towards Filerveien) due to the establishment of cycle lanes. The new stop is Formerveien

78B Østensjø Call

  • No longer stops at Oppsal school and Solhøgda due to the creation of cycle lanes. The new stop is Formerveien

Get a full overview of all the lines affected in both Oslo and Follo here.

Start of new contracts

10 December also marks the start of some of the last emissions-free contracts in Oslo. Unibuss and Nobina start their missions in Oslo’s northeast and southeast, respectively.

– As communicated earlier, the electric buses that will run southeast of Oslo are delayed from the factory in the Netherlands. The start-up and route change will therefore take place with buses that have been in use elsewhere.

The 76 new electric buses will be phased in as they are delivered towards the summer of 2024. The start-up in the north-east of Oslo is going as planned with 78 new, electric and emission-free buses.

– Among other things, the new buses will have external speakers, door lighting, integrated child seats, better collision protection and safety systems that will contribute to increased safety for the driver, passengers and other road users.

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