Oslo City Hall will fly the flag for Palestine – Dagsavisen

Oslo City Hall will fly the flag for Palestine – Dagsavisen
Oslo City Hall will fly the flag for Palestine – Dagsavisen

It became clear during Monday’s meeting of Oslo City Council’s business committee.

It was not a unanimous committee that decided on the flagging on 29 November. Avisa Oslo writes that both the Progressive Party and the Christian People’s Party voted against. The proposal nevertheless went through with nine out of eleven votes.

In addition, it was decided that a commemoration will be held with up to 100 guests for the victims of Hamas’ terrorist attack. This proposal passed with the smallest possible margin. Here Ap, MDG, SV and Red voted against.


Magnus Birkelund is group leader for the FRP in the city council, and he tells NRK that he is skeptical about separating the markings. The FRP would instead arrange a joint solidarity scheme for all civilian victims, both during the terrorist attack on 7 October and the subsequent war in Gaza.

Rødt’s group leader Siavash Mobasheri stressed that he and Rødt dissociate themselves from the Hamas attack, but did not realize that an October 7 commemoration was mixed into his original proposal for lighting the town hall.

– I don’t know where to start. There is no balance here. We are talking about a brutal occupier and a state that kills thousands of children, said Mobasheri, according to Avisa Oslo.

– A city for everyone

Oslo mayor Anne Lindboe (H) believes these are important markings for both parties.

– Oslo must be a city for everyone. For Jews and Muslims and for Palestinians and Israelis. It is important that we show our compassion and support to civilian victims and to those who are exposed to incitement. It should be safe to live in Oslo, says Lindboe.

She goes on to say that we live in challenging times, and that many are affected by the horrific events. She will therefore promote unity by showing solidarity and consideration with these markings.

Read more about the Israel-Palestine conflict

Fly med Gaza-evakuerte har landet på Gardermoen ]

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