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Teddy bear, Nav | NAV reacts to “mistakes” in the Bamsegutt documentary: – Will have a dialogue with NRK about this


On Sunday, it became known that NRK is withdrawing the documentary series “Ingen elsker Bamsegut” which deals with a disabled man, Jan Egil Granfoss. He is stranded in the Philippines with his family, and now wants to return home to Norway.

The life of Granfoss is followed through NRK journalist Tore Strømøy.

On Sunday afternoon, however, NRK reports that the much-discussed series is temporarily withdrawn because they want to make changes to it. It happens as a result of the state channel failing to mention that the main character was convicted of lewd intercourse with six children aged 8 to 10 in 1991.

Before Granfoss’ previous criminal history became known, several politicians and public figures came out and criticized NAV for being too square and not very human. Now the agency is responding to NRK’s ​​portrayal of them in the documentary series.

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– We believe that the documentary contains a misrepresentation of certain facts, and that parts of the mention of Granfoss’ case at NAV are incorrect. We want to have a dialogue with NRK about this. It is up to NRK to assess whether they will take our feedback into account, says Director of Labor and Welfare Hans Christian Holte at NAV, to Nettavisen.

He confirms that NAV has had a lot of contact with Tore Strømøy about the matter recently.

– It is important for confidence in NAV that we are open, and that our decisions must be able to be followed by the media. But then it is also important that the information that comes out through the media is correct, says Holte


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He adds that due to the confidentiality obligation, it is not everything they can go into regarding the Granfoss case’. Granfoss has exempted NAV from the duty of confidentiality vis-à-vis Strømøy and NRK, so that NAV could release large amounts of documentation and the correspondence Granfoss has had with them.

When it comes to assessments about whether the documentary series is balanced and whether it was right to broadcast it, Holte believes it is not right for NAV to comment on it.

– Nor can we say anything more about what we believe is misrepresented, as we are only exempt from the duty of confidentiality vis-à-vis NRK, concludes Holte.

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– Probability judgment known during production

Nettavisen has submitted the criticism from Nav to NRK. They do not have the opportunity to respond to the criticism on Monday evening, says Kristian Karlsen, presenter for TV in NRK Trøndelag.

However, they want to answer this Tuesday. We will update this matter with NRK’s ​​response when it arrives.

In the press release sent out by NRK, they confirm that a morality judgment from 1991 is the direct reason why the documentary series has been temporarily withdrawn:

– NRK believes that “No one loves Bamsegut” is an important story about how the weakest in society are treated by the public. During production, we found out that Granfoss had a moral judgment against him from 1991, says Marius Lillelien, director of the district division, in a press release.

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