The weather – Danger alerts in the “whole country”:

The weather – Danger alerts in the “whole country”:
The weather – Danger alerts in the “whole country”:

What the Norwegian Meteorological Institute calls a “gigantic low pressure” from the west could cause headaches throughout the country in the coming week.

– From Lindesnes in the south to Svalbard in the north, most people should prepare for a week with a lot of weather and wind, reports the Meteorological Institute in a Twitter message on Monday.

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The low pressure is expected to hit on the night of Wednesday.

– Wednesday in particular is the big “weather day” this week. We get a storm center that settles in the Norwegian Sea and gives strong winds along the entire west coast of the country, in the mountain areas and exposed fjord areas in the far north of the country, says on-duty meteorologist Martin Granerød at the Meteorological Institute.

Awaiting storm

Troms and Finnmark and exposed places in southern Norway will experience strong winds on Wednesday.

– Coastal and mountain areas in southern Norway will experience small to full storms on the western side of the mountain. There will be strong gales along the Skagerak, says Granerød.

The Norwegian Meteorological Institute has sent out a number of danger warnings for next Wednesday:

For Trøndelag, a warning for icing has been issued, for Western Norway a warning for rain has been issued, for the mountains in southern Norway and parts of Nordland, Trons and Finnmark, a warning for snowpack has been issued. A danger warning has also been issued for possible very strong winds for parts of Troms and Finnmark.

In Svalbard, the wind will increase from the south throughout Tuesday and Wednesday. The temperature also seems to tip over on the positive side, which will bring precipitation in the form of sleet and rain.

Not recommended for long trips

Meteorologist Granerød has the following advice:

– Wednesday is hardly the best day to plan to drive over the mountain, considering the high wind and snow drifts.

He has one more tip:

– It is good to be prepared that there will be strong winds and that we will get a lot of precipitation. In Western Norway in particular, it has been dry for quite a long time, so it might be a good idea to check drains – there are probably a lot of leaves in the way.

Along the coast, the low pressure will also lead to high waves, according to the meteorologists, who encourage you to be careful if you think out to sea.

– The most sea will be off the coast of Nordland early Wednesday, and there the waves can be over 8 meters high off Lofoten, they report.

At the same time, a number of danger warnings have been issued.

In the first part of Wednesday, between 50 and 80 millimeters of rain can be expected in several places. Precipitation can also fall as sleet and snow in inland areas.

The meteorologists were wrong

Mild weather

In Trøndelag and Sør-Helgeland in Nordland county, there is a risk of rain falling on cold ground when it turns to mild weather on Wednesday. This can result in very demanding driving conditions.

– Shoe yourself and the car according to the conditions, urge the meteorologists.

In the mountains in southern Norway, they are warning of snow flurries from Wednesday morning. The inhabitants of Finnmark and large parts of Troms can expect the same, together with strong winds.

– On Wednesday it will blow up from the south, and there is a possibility of very strong gusts of wind, between 33-38 m/s in the coastal and fjord areas in the far north of Troms and in Finnmark, reports the Meteorological Institute. The same applies to parts of Nordland.

In Finnmark and Nord-Troms, the danger is also present for icing on ships and other installations on the coast.

The meteorologists warn of X:

– It can get slippery on the deck!

In southern Norway, the wind will subside during the afternoon on Wednesday, while it will remain until the night of Thursday in the far north of the country, says the meteorologist.

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