Severe apartment fire: – No overview

Severe apartment fire: – No overview
Severe apartment fire: – No overview

LATEST: 03.00 the fire service reports that the fire is under control. All rooms and floors must be searched.

Just before half past three, on the night of Friday, the police in the south-east reported a heavy fire in an apartment complex in the center of Tønsberg.

– There are large flames from an apartment complex with a total of seven apartments, operations manager Tommy Eriksen told Dagbladet.

One person is said to have suffered severe burns, while another was taken out by smoke divers from the second floor. The latter must be conscious.

Both of these, in addition to the rest of the residents in the building, are taken to the emergency room for a check-up.

14 people are registered as residents at the address and for a long time the police did not have an overview of how many were in the building, nor how many had stayed in the building.

Some people are outside, while the emergency services evacuate those they can, Eriksen could inform.

– Smoke divers are inside the apartment complex, he said.

At three o’clock the police announced that all rooms and floors had been searched and that the fire was under control.

There must have been a lot of black smoke from the fire, and the police asked, on Twitter, people nearby to keep their distance.

– There is a risk of spreading to nearby buildings and we are working to evacuate neighbours, said Eriksen, when Dagbladet first spoke to him.

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