Ruben releases the first part of his debut album

Ruben releases the first part of his debut album
Ruben releases the first part of his debut album

On 26 May you will be served more new music from Ruben! The EP Tonic Emotions is part 1 of his debut album and contains five songs, including two new additions, “Done” and the pulsating “Heartbreak Denial”.

Tonic Emotions can be heard here from 26 May.

Ruben’s music has always been characterized by a distinct emotional depth, and Tonic Emotions marks a natural further development of his artistic expression. Now he tells about his personal journey through his own emotional register during his encounter with love:

“I’m very happy to challenge myself and I feel that this is actually scarier to write about than mental health, because this has been completely new to me. These songs tell a story about finding love and all the good and bad feelings that come with it. It will deal with the ups and downs on the road from whirlwind love to a balanced relationship.”

The EP promises a different type of sound than you are used to hearing from Ruben, but the story of young love will be conveyed through the melancholic elements he is known for. His expression is not only musical, but also visual. A recurring element is the parachute. That this is a red thread in the aesthetic is of course no coincidence:

“The parachute is a metaphor for my feelings about entering a relationship. The adrenaline, the feeling of freedom, the vulnerability, the fear that things might go wrong and that you are entering into something over which you have no full control, but still choose to enter with your whole heart and life as an effort.”

Despite the fact that it is a personal, emotional narrative that Ruben shares with his fans, he has nevertheless created music that will resonate with a wide audience.

“Having heard through Tonic Emotions for the first time, I hope people are left with some kind of sense of affirmation. Although I am talking about my personal experience, I believe that several of the texts will be something that many people can identify with.”


1. Cry You A River

2. Easier

3. Done

4. Heartbreak Denial

5. I’m Sure He Loves You


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