Aco will build the hub in the city centre

Now the construction of the new public transport hub in the center is just around the corner.

The contractor ACO Anlegg won the tender, which is one of the projects in Bypakke Ålesund. They have been involved in the city package project in the past, and took measures for a safer school road in 2022. The contract sum for the assignment is NOK 74 million and the construction time is estimated at one and a half years.

Aco Anlegg says that they are very satisfied with having got the job in Ålesundsgatene, which on a local scale is a big job.

– We see the job as demanding in view of all the traffic that is close to the facility. It will be important that we make good plans for the implementation and that the project becomes as little as possible a burden on traffic and businesses, says Tarjei Rødset from Aco plant.

They plan to start the work in Korsegata in mid-June, and there will be separate information about that.

Illustration of the new public transport hub which will be completed in one and a half years.

More efficient bus operation

The project is part of the public transport initiative in Bypakke Ålesund and will contribute to shortening the journey time between Hessa and Moa. With the new solution for buses in the city centre, there will be alighting and boarding at Keiser Wilhelmsgate and Korsegata. The project will also free up space for further development of Sørsida.

– This will be part of a more efficient bus system for the whole city, in addition to making the area nicer to stay in, says Torbjørn Vatnehol, project manager in Bypakke Ålesund.

The construction work will take place in stages, and it will always be possible for pedestrians to walk between the streets on prepared walkways. The county council is in dialogue with business operators for solutions for goods delivery and access to garage facilities during the construction period.

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