Clear message: – Take hold of your legs

Clear message: – Take hold of your legs
Clear message: – Take hold of your legs

The police in Oslo write that heavy overloading on a poor road network towards Ormøya and Malmøya in Oslo creates chaos for the permanent residents and emergency vehicles.

– For those who want to see the aircraft carrier, you must use a bicycle or take your legs out there, the Oslo police urges


The ship from the USA could be the start of more: – Potential headache for Norway

Several have wanted to catch a glimpse of the world’s largest aircraft carrier located in the Oslo Fjord. It will stay there for the next couple of days. Now the police are asking the spectators to respect the signage in the area.

– Yesterday there were major challenges to get the emergency services, home-based services for the needy and the permanent residents out, they write.

– There will be a large additional burden for a poor road network out there, also for the permanent residents.

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