Fell out of speeding Russian car


– We were going to the robber train, but it didn’t turn out that way, says Trym Holstad (17) to Dagbladet.

It was 17 May and Trym was out in the Russian car partying with the Russian boys, along county road 30 between Støren and Røros in Trøndelag.

They had been partying all day, and now they were on their way to the next party. The driver was sober, while the others enjoyed themselves in the back seats.

But the party quickly ended when Trym fell out of the speeding car, a Volkswagen Caravelle. They drove at approximately 80 kilometers per hour, according to the 17-year-old.

Adresseavisen mentioned the case first.

Got backwards: Do you see why?

Fell out at speed

Trym had eaten a banana and was about to throw the peel away, when he realized that the car had no windows that could be opened. He therefore chose to throw the shell out the door.

– I opened the door because we didn’t have a window, then I turned around and forgot that the door was open, Trym tells Dagbladet.

– Then I fell out.

The car is said to have accelerated around a bend, and Trym does not remember the incident himself. However, he does not know whether it is because of the accident, or whether it is because of the blood alcohol level, he says.

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– Bloody in the face

Friend and fellow drunk Benjamin Rundhaug (17) says that he was sitting right next to Trym when he fell out of the car.

– I was a little shocked. We stopped abruptly and ran away immediately. I thought I had to call an ambulance, Benjamin tells Dagbladet.

An ambulance was called and the emergency services quickly moved out with more resources. The police confirm to Adresseavisen that the driver was sober.

The comrade estimates that they had to run between 50 and 100 meters away to their friend, who was now lying injured on the asphalt.

– His face and arms were bloody, says Benjamin.

WOUNDS: Trym got wounds on his hands, face and feet. Photo: Private.
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Trym was taken by ambulance to St. Olav’s hospital, against his will, he says.

– I didn’t want to go to the hospital. It was May 17 and the last day as a Russian. I got a little mad, says Trym.

Sound the alarm: – Our duty

– Should have been a stuntman

Benjamin joined his friend at the hospital, from where Trym tried to escape, they say. They were afraid of missing the last bit of Russefest.

However, the escape attempt was not a success. Trym first had to show the doctors that he could do some exercises.

Although the accident sounds dramatic, Trym came away from the incident without major injuries. He says that he takes it all with a smile.

– My skeleton is made of titanium. I should become a stuntman, he says.

Police officers danced with the Russian – case dropped

– Five lives left

Both say that the incident is “funny” to think about afterwards, and Trym feels in good shape.

– I should have gotten worse, but I didn’t. Now I have five out of nine lives left, says Trym.

IN GOOD COURAGE: Trym says that he did not want to be with the hospital. Fortunately, Benjamin came along as moral support, so they could take this picture. Photo: Private.

IN GOOD COURAGE: Trym says that he did not want to be with the hospital. Fortunately, Benjamin came along as moral support, so they could take this picture. Photo: Private.
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– Have you fallen out of Russian cars before, since you only have five lives left?

– No, but I have been in accidents of the same severity, says Trym.

– You have to be careful in the future then.

– Yes, Trym replies.

Dagbladet has been in contact with the parents of both boys, and it is fine for them that Trym and Benjamin stand up for the case.

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