The police are warning of several measures, but encourage everyone to celebrate pride

The police are warning of several measures, but encourage everyone to celebrate pride
The police are warning of several measures, but encourage everyone to celebrate pride

There will be more police in the streets during the pride parade in Bergen on 10 June.

Pride flag. Photo: Petronelle Halvorsen (archive)
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Through dialogue with the organisers, the police will take appropriate measures to facilitate pride events across the country.

– The police districts will have a dialogue with local pride organizers and take measures based on available risk assessments, says Bjørn Vandvik, department director in the Norwegian Police Directorate (POD), in a press release.

Morten Ørn confirms that the police are manning up. Photo: Tor Høvik (Archive)

– Increases staffing

Morten Ørn is chief of the police in Bergen, Askøy and Øygarden. In a text message to BT, he writes that the police do not comment on security measures, but that he is familiar with PST’s assessments.

Örn, however, eases the veil a little on the police’s measures on 10 June, when the pride parade takes place.

– On a general basis, I can say that we are increasing staffing and that there will be limited access where the event is taking place.

On 17 May, several streets into the city center were blocked off with physical barriers, such as concrete blocks and emergency vehicles.

– A wide register

In addition to local dialogue between the police, LGBT+ organizations and other organizers, meetings have also been held at national level. PST, Oslo police district and POD held a meeting with representatives from many affected organizations on Thursday.

Here, information was given, among other things, about PST’s threat assessment in connection with pride.

The police further write that the security measures span a wide range of registers.

– Big variation

According to the police, which measures are taken are based on several factors, including threat and risk assessments, the national and local situation, the size of the event and the number of participants.

– There is great variation between the formats of the various pride markings and many different factors that come into play in the assessment of which security measures are to be implemented. Therefore, local assessments will be the basis for the police’s security measures at the various events, explains Vandvik.


Published: 25 May 2023 17:37

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