Newspaper round, Gift card | The newspaper round: Elisabeth feels defrauded by the gift card supplier: – Don’t buy

Newspaper round, Gift card | The newspaper round: Elisabeth feels defrauded by the gift card supplier: – Don’t buy
Newspaper round, Gift card | The newspaper round: Elisabeth feels defrauded by the gift card supplier: – Don’t buy

Elisabeth feels defrauded by the gift card supplier: – I was quite provoked (Ostlandets Blad)

In October 2020, Elisabeth Aarsæther received a gift card of NOK 1,500, with an expiry date of October 2024. However, when she was to use the card at Ski Storsenter on 16 May this year, she discovered that NOK 375 was missing from the card.

After six months, NOK 15 is deducted from the card each month. If the card is unused after 12 months, the sum is increased to NOK 35. Aarsæther sees the money being withdrawn as fraud.

– Do not buy or give away such cards. Then it is better with vipps. I will never buy such gift cards, says Aarsæther to Østlandets Blad.

Marketing manager at Mbxp aps, Harald Horsberg, responds to the criticism on a general basis. In an email he writes:

– Paygoo takes all customer inquiries seriously, and tries to help as best we can, also if it concerns misunderstandings about fees. Now we do not know which customer you are talking to, and thus we also do not know whether we have had communication with the customer. We believe that we have provided information about fees when purchasing, both on the outside of the package and on an attachment that is stuck to the card inside the package. Therefore, we believe that it is groundless to accuse us of fraud, he replies in an email.

It started in Kongsvinger – now the product is being removed from store shelves all over the country (Glåmdalen)

Brit Bergersen stopped by the Dollarstore in Kongsvinger, when she smelled a smell she reacted to.

It all revolved around a so-called fragrance booster, which the store sold.

– So, it smelled so strong and intense. The smell was good, but it was far too much. I actually felt unwell and felt it both in my head and eyes afterwards, says Bergersen to Glåmdalen.

Bergersen also shared his view of the fragrance on Facebook, and it generated a response. Her post at MittkKongsvinger has received close to 70 likes and 130 comments.

Store manager in Kongsvinger, Veronica Kristiansen, says that the perfume is now being removed from store shelves throughout Norway.

– I think it’s a bit of a shame. This is one of our best sellers, and a lot of people ask for it. But the problem with the product is the packaging itself. Therefore, it is now only possible to order via our online store. We would like people to be able to contact us directly instead, because it really took off. But now the smell is gone, so all in all; I am glad that the problem is solved.

Accused of exposing himself to a 13-year-old: – Stood completely naked with a toad in his hand (Drammens Tidende)

A man in his late 40s explained himself in court on Tuesday and Wednesday after being accused of exposing himself to a 13-year-old while holding a toad in his hand. That’s what Drammens Tidende writes.

The man is also accused of having on two occasions sent nude pictures of himself to two girls aged 13 and 14 respectively, one of whom is the one who claims to have experienced the incident with the toad.

– He stood completely naked with a toad in his hand. I didn’t want it. I saw the whole body until I closed the island and ran back upstairs crying, she said when she was questioned by the police.

The man claims that the girl who says she saw him naked cannot have done so, because he hid behind a door when it allegedly happened, even though he was naked.

Regarding the nude photos the man is said to have sent, the man explained in court that the photos were sent by mistake.

About the episode with the photo that was sent to the 14-year-old, the man is quoted as saying the following in Drammens Tidende:

– I was very tired when I got home. I explained the situation to both my partner, her daughter and her friend. I have apologized several times, I have been forgiven and we have given each other a hug. I thought it was out of this world.

Joakim and Petter give away the house: – Isn’t it romantic? (Trønder-Avisa)

Petter Bjørgum and Joakim Sandodden are giving away a house at Sparbu in Trøndelag. The farmhouse was moved to the site 100 years ago.

Now the house stands in the way of a new tool shed, and therefore it is being given away. That’s what Trønder-Avisa writes.

When asked why they are now giving the house away, rather than demolishing it, Sandodden replies:

– Look at that, then! Isn’t that romantic? If someone sees advice to take care of it, it is more fun for someone to put it up, than for it to end up in Tranamarka or age up, says Sandodden to Trønder-Avisa.

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