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Bane Nor has closed the Blix tunnel to check the catenary lines after an incident on Monday.

Then a train got stuck in the tunnel after water had dripped into the catenary system. 70 passengers were trapped for almost three hours.

When Øyvind Hjemdal came to Oslo S to take the train home to Fredrikstad, his train was once again cancelled.

– What happens to those who work in Bane Nor? Åssen is it possible? 36 billion, does it also not work? It is quite well done, says Hjemdal.

He and many other travelers have to wait longer for the next train. There are also fewer departures because there is not room for as many trains on the old Østfold line.

Sigrunn Aamodt will take the train to Råde.

Photo: Hallgeir Braastad / NRK

– I think it is quite incredible that they have gone on such a rampage, and not got a tunnel that works, says Sigrunn Aamodt, who will take the train to Råde.

Planned in haste

– I don’t want to trap people in the tunnel, so we are now taking precautions. We have to go through the tunnel, see that everything is in order before we can open again, says area director of Bane Nor, Lars Berge.

Lars Berge, area director at Bane Nor.

Photo: Anne Næsheim / NRK

The reason for the shutdown is that alkaline water is dripping into the tunnel.

– This can affect the aluminum cable in the ceiling, so that it breaks and we have to check that, says Berge.

The system for the driving current must be checked in both tunnel runs.

Berge says that this is not a security problem:

– Based on what happened on Monday, there is a risk of further demolition, he says.

New update tomorrow

According to Vy, every other train on the route has been cancelled.

The remaining trains run on the old Østfold line.

Bane Nor announces a new update at 12 Friday 26 May.

It is unclear when the tunnel will be opened for operation:

– We follow this throughout the night. There are already crews inside the tunnel, says Berge

– We must have control over the situation in the tunnel before we can open. We will provide new information as soon as we know more, he says.

Many problems since the opening

The Folloban runs between Oslo and Ski and opened on 11 December 2022.

On the same day, a signal failure occurred, and the train had to run at a reduced speed.

On 19 December, the track was closed to traffic when heat generation and smoke in technical facilities were discovered.

It wasn’t until 5 March this year that Follobanen could open as normal.

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