Follobanen, Blixtunnelen | Folloban closed to all train traffic

Follobanen, Blixtunnelen | Folloban closed to all train traffic
Follobanen, Blixtunnelen | Folloban closed to all train traffic

There will be no end to problems with the new Folloban. On Thursday afternoon, there are new problems inside the Blixtunnel.

Vy reports the following at 16.03:

“Ski-Oslo S is closed to train traffic. You have to expect delays and adjustments. This is due to power problems. Bane NOR is working to correct the error. We do not know how long it will take before the trains can run as normal again.”

New update Friday

This is what Bane NOR writes at 16.08:

“The Blix tunnel between Oslo S and Ski is closed due to power problems. New update Friday 26 May at 12:00.

Train lines affected:

Oslo S – Mysen – Rakkestad, Østfoldbanen Eastern line R22

Stabekk – Oslo S – Ski, Østfold Line L2

Oslo S – Moss, Østfoldbanen west line R21

Oslo S – Halden, Østfoldbanen west line RE20»

Problems upon problems

On Monday 22 May, a train with 70 passengers on board was stuck in the tunnel after alkaline water had dripped from the tunnel roof into the facility. This led to a power line being torn down and coming into contact with the train, according to a press release from Bane Nor, writes NTB.

– After that incident, we have decided to check the facility in view of the risk of more demolitions, says press officer Olav Nordli at Bane Nor to NTB.

– We do not want such incidents to occur again, says the press officer.

Nordli says there are long tunnel runs to be checked, and that it is difficult to determine any specific date for completion yet.

– The old Østfold line is still in operation, and departures on this line will be referred to. There will probably be quite a few full trains during rush hour, but people will get there, if not as quickly, says Nordli.

The Folloban line runs between Oslo and Ski and opened on 11 December 2022. On the same day, a signal error occurred, and the train had to run at a reduced speed.

On 19 December, the track was closed to traffic when heat generation and smoke in technical facilities were discovered. It wasn’t until 5 March this year that Follobanen could open as normal.

– This is very regrettable and unfortunate for the travellers, but until we have the situation under control, we cannot allow more trains to run through the tunnel, says area director Lars Berge in Bane Nor to NTB.

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