Sandefjord broadband | Sale of Sandefjord broadband?

Sandefjord broadband | Sale of Sandefjord broadband?
Sandefjord broadband | Sale of Sandefjord broadband?

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But now it still seems to be realised.

Must be good reasons

When municipal assets are to be sold, there is one factor in particular that is important: When selling our common property, there must be good reasons for the sale, and it must be the best solution for all of us. It is not the case that the municipality should do everything, but there is also no clear limit to what the municipality should do as long as it is in the best interests of the residents.

In the matter to be dealt with by the municipal council, the advantages and disadvantages of the sale have been considered, and in Rødt’s opinion it is not in the best interests of the residents to sell the company. The board of SFJBB has set up five points that they ask the politicians to consider “sell/don’t sell” before making a decision:

Five important questions

  • The municipality’s social mission related to the establishment of SFJBB has been carried out (broadband to the people). Does SFJBB still have such an important social mission that it should be under municipal control?
  • How important is it to own your own infrastructure? Are we comfortable with the fact that a new owner will be able to resell the company and the fiber network to an international owner outside our control?
  • To what extent does the municipality need capital to realize concrete projects that they would not be able to finance without selling the company?
  • To what extent does the municipality think they can get a better return on the funds elsewhere?
  • SFJBB is today among the best in the country in providing service and support to customers. Are we willing to accept the delivery of products and services to citizens with potentially significantly lower customer satisfaction?

Rødt believes that all these questions give the answer “don’t sell”.

Sales economically unfavorable

There is little in the analysis of the sale that points to the fact that it would be economically beneficial to sell the company. In that case, the money will have to be put into a fund, and with the current economic situation, it is highly uncertain what the return will be. If we had sold the company two years ago, we would have been left with a negative return today.

This year, the municipality will take out NOK 35 million in dividends, which will strengthen the municipality’s operations. All the while many heavy investments in the company have been made and a large fiber network has been built out, you can expect good returns in the years to come.

Pragmatism is important when it comes to managing the citizens’ shared values, and a sale of Sandefjord Bredbånd is not a good choice in Rødt’s opinion.

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