– Picked up running speed and hit his head

– Picked up running speed and hit his head
– Picked up running speed and hit his head

In a football match in Oslo between two boys’ teams, a serious incident of violence occurred. Several players are said to have been beaten and kicked while lying on the ground. Child welfare and the police have been linked to the case.

VICTIM: One of the players is said to have suffered this injury after it recently took off completely after a football match in Oslo. Photo: PRIVATE

25/05/2023 12:54

Updated 25/05/2023 14:50

When the referee blew the match off, it was loud. The home team’s players are said to have attacked the away team, according to several members of the away team that VG has spoken to.

– The worst was the kicks to the head of the man who was lying down. It wasn’t like they tiptoed a little, they took off running and hit their heads as if it were a football, claims a team manager for the away team to VG.

The manager of the home team does not wish to comment on this claim (see further down in the case). The team manager for the away team says he himself was beaten and kicked when he tried to defend his own players, who are all in their teens.

– There was really no warning. As the referee blows, they knock down at least two or three of the players. I’m jumping in to stop this. Then there will be quite a few punches and kicks at me too. It gets so chaotic.

Photo: Ørn E. Borgen / NTB

The team manager thinks it’s just luck that it didn’t get worse.

– One of them has some neck problems, another has severe pain in the chest and a third in the foot. I have received a number of phone calls from parents who are worried, he says, adding that he is doing well.

The team manager has the impression that this was a planned incident. The general manager of the club that played away says:

– It was not a few players, but a significant amount of players and other youngsters who were on the substitutes’ bench who did this. The players and the team manager I have spoken to are shocked and shaken.

The case will be reported to the police.

The match’s referee does not want to give a comment to VG.

The home team did not have a so-called “Fair play guard” “Fair play guard”From the NFF’s own papers: “To contribute to a good and safe match event, there must be at least one match host present. The match host wears a yellow match host vest and is visible to everyone in and around the match.” on the sidelines. All clubs are required to have such a “host” during a match.

The head of operations in the Oslo Police District tells VG that they have not logged any police missions in the area where the football match took place earlier this week.

One of the club managers in the away team’s club tells VG that they did not call the police then and there because they felt they had to flee the scene as quickly as possible.

VG has been in contact with the manager of the other team.

– We have worked with immediate measures and preventive measures with child protection, the police and NFF Oslo, he says.

– We have contacted the public bodies that are relevant, and we will work preventively with them and implement immediate measures with the team.

The team manager says there has been a good dialogue with the other club afterwards.

– I have no further comments until the matter is concluded with the NFF.

– Do you have photos or videos of the incident?

– We are not going to share any video or picture with the press about this here.

– But you have?

– We have seen pictures which mean that we are taking immediate measures after what happened.

On Wednesday evening, VG once again spoke to the manager of the team, to confront him with the specific allegations that have come from the away team. Before VG can ask specific questions, the manager replies:

– I will not comment on this until a conclusion has been reached from NFF Oslo.

– Would you like to contribute to the NFF Oslo being able to deal with the case?

– Yes, we assist NFF Oslo.

– Have you discussed this with the parents?

– No comment.

– What happens next with the team?

– No comment.

It is NFF Oslo that handles all incidents in youth football in the capital. General manager Tore Jarl Bråteng confirms that they have been made aware of the incident in the age-specific match on Monday evening.

– The case is being processed according to the current regulations for this type of case. The first thing we do is obtain statements from everyone who was involved. Based on the information and facts we receive, we will process the case according to the current regulations.

He says they do not have the opportunity to comment on the case and any details while the case is pending. Bråteng confirms that they have started to survey the case.

– We do that as soon as possible from the first inquiry. It is true that several of our employees have been in dialogue with the teams concerned after we were notified of the incidents.

Communications adviser Kamilla Karlsholmen Hauge states that the police have not yet received any report. According to one of the away team’s club managers, a police report will only be available when the case has been processed by the NFF.

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