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– This is quite obviously about deterrence and about sending a signal to Moscow that Nato has the biggest “stick”. It is contrary to Norwegian de-escalation policy towards Russia that we should reduce the level of tension, not raise it, says Gjermund Skaar.

Skaar is leader of the international committee in the newly formed NATO party SV. But he does not welcome the world’s largest aircraft carrier “Gerald R. Ford” in the inner Oslofjord where it is now anchored.

The SV top emphasizes that he does not think the time has come to enter into dialogue with Putin, but that it is now about condemning the war against Ukraine and Putin’s abuse of his own population.

– I am concerned with the balance between deterrence and relaxation. The visit increases the level of tension with Russia. It’s not like the Russians only now discovered that the US has a warship called “Gerald R. Ford”. This breaks with a good Norwegian tradition that we should seek relaxation towards our neighbours, says Skaar.

– INCREASED TENSION: The visit by “Gerald R. Ford” leads to increased tension with Russia and conflicts with Norwegian politics, according to SV top Gjermund Skaar. Photo: Lars Eivind Bones / Dagbladet
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– American imperialism

“Gerald R. Ford” created great excitement and interest during the approach to Oslo and many spectators now make the trip to admire the technical marvel that the 333-metre-long warship represents.

Skaar admits that the “12-year-old” in him can also be fascinated by the ship, but is skeptical of the May 17 atmosphere that we see along the Oslo Fjord.

– This is not ice cream and citizens’ trains with children’s corps. This is a sharp weapon that is about the US’s desire to dominate sea and land areas outside US territory. We should be aware of that, this is not 17 May, says Skaar, before stating:

– “Gerald R. Ford” is a good example of American ambition to be world police and American imperialism.

– But isn’t the ship precisely an expression of NATO’s military strength, which gives us security against attack?

– NATO is both historically and today a defense alliance, and I’m not saying the ship is just one thing. But it is also an example of the US asserting sovereignty and dominance elsewhere in the world than within NATO’s borders, says Skaar, and continues.

– We have to ask ourselves what kind of role Norway wants to play. One way to reduce tension is for us to enforce our own sovereignty on Norwegian land and sea areas. Then we shouldn’t welcome “Gerald R. Ford” into inner Oslofjord.

Ap: – Turns his head

Åsmund Aukrust sits on the foreign affairs and defense committee for the Labor Party and was one of the lucky ones (?) who was invited out on the “Gerald R. Ford” before the aircraft carrier arrived in Oslo.

He believes SV-topp Skaar turns the whole problem on its head in terms of deterrence and increased tension.

GUEST: Åsmund Aukrust (Ap) and defense chief Eirik Kristoffersen on their way out to “Gerald R. Ford” earlier this week. Photo: Private
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– It is not this ship that increases tension, it is Russia’s brutal war that does. This is also nothing new. For 75 years, we have had visitors from the USA and other allied countries, says Aukrust to Dagbladet.

The AP politician also reacts to Skaar comparing the atmosphere around the American visit to 17 May.

– It is absolutely right that this is not ice cream and children’s trains, our neighboring country is waging a brutal war of aggression in Europe. It is with the very serious backdrop that the Americans are in Norway this week. Should there be war and crisis in Norway, we cannot manage on our own, we need help and protection from others. And if we are to get help in war, we must practice in peace. That is why it is very good that allied countries will practice with Norwegian soldiers, says Aukrust, who is pleased with the welcome both the ship and the crew have received in Oslo.

– It is nice to see how Oslo’s population welcomes the ship. It is probably both about this very impressive ship and that we are grateful that this is an image that Norway has protection should we need it.

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