Tori Spelling on OnlyFans: – I couldn’t stop

Tori Spelling on OnlyFans: – I couldn’t stop
Tori Spelling on OnlyFans: – I couldn’t stop

It is a well-known fact that actress Tori Spelling has made quite a few headlines since she broke through in the series “Beverly Hills 90210” in the 90s.

Now she is doing it again, and with a spicy revelation, writes Danes BT.

It was when Spelling was a guest on the radio program “Jeff Lewis Live” that she was able to say that she has spent around NOK 4,000 on OnlyFans.

But it wasn’t just any person she’d left her thousands on. It was on her own friend Denise Richards’ account.

– I have been friends with her for years. I was simply fascinated by the whole OnlyFans thing, and I’m not going to lie I thought, “Let me check it out. What does that mean?’, she said during the broadcast.

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Furthermore, Spelling was able to reveal that she had created a user under a fake name on the controversial service.

The reason must have been to see how far the friend went in the content she shared.

Accused of editing the daughter (14)

– It’s fascinating because they’re like, “Hey, I might show you this in the shower,” and I just wanted to see what she did.

In just two days, she had spent around NOK 4,000 on the hefty photo and video sharing platform.

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– They claim that they will get back to you faster if you tip. So I wrote: “Hey, I love what I see, would like to see some more.” I ended up spending NOK 4,000 in two days, because I couldn’t stop, she concluded.

– They want to save the marriage

Richards launched her OnlyFans account last June, a week after her ex-husband Charlie Sheen criticized their 18-year-old daughter Sami Sheen for doing the same.

– She is 18 now and lives with her mother. This did not happen under my roof,” the former “Two and a Half Men” actor told Page Six at the time.

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